An upstairs room is close to the roof tends to get hot in summer. The discomfort it brings will keep you awake at night. As a result, you feel groggy and exhausted first thing in the morning.

One way to keep your rooms upstairs comfortable and cool is to increase its ventilation. There are various to make your space cooler. You can place a fan or an AC unit. Also, a PV fan is a good option unless you’ve got enough carpentry skills to do the job. But if you prefer an easy money-saver option with low-initial cost, consider installing a solar-powered attic fan.

Aside from the above aspects, there are many reasons why you should consider installing a solar-powered attic fan. Here it is.

Lower Electricity Consumption

If there is one thing that most households want to avoid, that is expensive electric bills. Adding more AC units and fans to enhance comfort and ventilation in the space is not the smartest move. Your energy bills will skyrocket, especially during warmer seasons.

Solar attic fans do not rely on commercial electricity. It gets power from solar energy. Hence, solar-powered attic fans won’t add more to your energy bills.

Makes Upstairs Living Comfortable

Individuals who have experience using a solar-powered attic fan say it does not much help in keeping the room cool. Remember that solar powered attic fans also differ in room capacity. Smaller units can’t make a large space cool and well-ventilated. Consider choosing the right attic fan with the size and capacity suitable for your room. So, does a solar-powered attic fan makes upstairs living more comfortable? The answer is yes.


In this age, people veer towards environment-friendly solutions, such as using solar power for energy instead of non-renewable. The solar-powered attic fan is a 100% environment-friendly option.

Affordable Initial Cost

AC units are quite expensive, especially those coming from well-known brands. Similar goes to PV fans. Meanwhile, solar-powered attic fans cost lesser compared to the said units. The upfront cost of installing solar attic fans is quite affordable. Moreover, you no longer need to hire a skilled person to install the unit.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing solar attic fans is very simple. You can do it DIY. It only takes a few minutes, but make sure to gather first all the tools you will need for the installation.

Additional Advice

Is installing a solar attic fan worth it?

If you are searching for a budget-friendly means of improving upstairs room ventilation, then it is the best choice out there. However, you need to know the tricks in picking the best solar attic fan for your house. You can go to the Solar Guide Light to find out how to find high-quality solar attic fans in the market today. Also, see their product reviews and comparison. Right here, you can get additional details on these items, such as their technical details, as well as the pros and cons.

Indeed, solar attic fans are worth spending money. If you have questions about this unit, you can ask the Solar Guide Light.

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