What is your “dream” hiking boots?

Every hiker has a different version of “dream” hiking footwear. Some prefer a shoe with cushion and soft insoles. Meanwhile, other hikers like their boots sturdier and tougher. Inasmuch, it is safe to assume that a hiker’s definition of dream boots can be summed up as footwear that is perfectly in sync with their hiking needs.

Hiking boots are one of the most fundamental gears for outdoor activities. It is not surprising that many hikers spend a lot of time perusing each hiking boots in the market.

Now, what constitutes the correct hiking boots?

Correct hiking boots can vary from one hiker to another. It all comes down with how and where you want to hike. Also, there are various elements you have to consider, such as the footwear’s durability, traction, shock-resistance, and ability to provide comfort. But among these factors, one of the basic and most important is the hiking boot size.

Why Correct Hiking Boot Size Matters? 

Choosing a hiking boot that fits is common knowledge; many online sources offer tips and advice on how to choose footwear that fits. For instance, if you want to know about picking the best men’s hiking boots for wide feet, you can go to Hikers Shop.

When talking about the right fit, it tells you of footwear that is not too snug or too loose. The boots’ length and width should match with your feet. Hence, it has sufficient space to let the feet stay comfortable, and the toes have enough room to flex.

Selecting the correct hiking boot size is important. It offers a lot of advantages to the hiker. Below are the reasons why picking out a correct shoe size is crucial to hiking.

#1 Enhances Mobility

Using the correct footwear size supports mobility. It helps you to move easily and quickly, even in uneven ground and rough terrains.

#2 Provides Stability

Wrong boot size reduces your balance and stability. For example, if you’re wearing a loose hiking boot, you will try as much as possible to prevent your foot from slipping out. Meanwhile, if the boots are too snug, it is uncomfortable to the feet. As a result, you will easily get tired.

#3 Prevents Injuries and Accidents

Another reason why you have to choose the correct boot size is to avoid injuries and reduce your risk of an accident. Wrong shoe size can lead to bruises, blisters, or worse, ankle injuries.

#4 Hike Wherever and How Long You Want

The perfect boot size helps the feet to stay comfortable and relaxed. With this, you can take on any hiking journey, regardless of the distance.

#5 Take on More Challenging Trails

The right footwear size eliminates hiking limitations. If you want to explore your hiking skills and see more of the wild, it is best you choose the right shoe size.


It is established that choosing the right shoe size is crucial to hiking. However, you must know that it is only a fraction of everything you need to learn about hiking boots.

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