Are you getting mixed signals from your ex?

There are relationships that are not easy to forget, especially those that have ended without proper closure; then, when inevitable situations where you and your ex meets up unexpectedly, mixed feelings start to come back.

How can you tell that your ex wants you back?

If you and your ex had separated without leaving any bad blood, there’s a big chance that you and your ex would be together again. Here are some hints that your ex wants you back:

Hint #1: Your ex never dated anyone after the break-up

If your ex never dated anyone even after years of break up, chances are, he or she had experienced something magical with you or your ex was fed up with all the drama of being in a relationship.

To confirm what is in his or her head during your unexpected meeting try to have small talk about neutral things; however, to make it smooth and comfortable for the both of you, the very first thing that you need to do is to start everything with a soft smile and a warm hello. If the conversation ended smoothly and it made you and your ex feel happy, there’s a bigger chance of you and your ex getting back together.

Hint #2: Your ex asked if your phone number is still the same

If your ex had asked if your phone number is still the same, it means that your ex still has your phone number saved in his phonebook and he wanted to get in touch with you again.

Typically, men should make the move first; if an honest guy like you found out that you still have some feelings for her, you should have the confidence to text her. However, you need to be careful with what you’re going to tell her through text because there are text messages that might send a warning signal, causing to turn you down. To help you out on what to text her check out this Text Your Ex Back reviews and tips.

If in case you are a woman, it is best to wait until your ex texts you. Do not try to assume that after the accidental meeting, even if the moment felt so pure and it made your heart flutter, your ex wants you back; unless, he asked your number and he texted you with respect, honesty, and sincerity. Men like them deserve a second chance.

Hint #3: He or she tries to get your attention

After a few simple texts and small talks on the phone, if your ex is liking, commenting, and or sending you some DMs on every guy selfies and every post you make on social media, chances are, he or she is trying to get your attention.

Hint #4: Your ex makes you smile all the time

If your ex is doing all the crazy stuff just to make you smile or laugh when you are together, that means he or she wants you to see him or her as a significant person in your life that wants to give you all the beautiful and happy things in the world for the second time around.

It may be hard at first, but if you two are getting comfortable again, shouldn’t you try to confirm each other’s feelings by asking politely? Maybe he or she is just waiting for the right moment and the right words to ask.

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