Many people were used to paying for gym memberships until the idea of having a home gym was conceived. It is now possible for people to do various kinds of exercises at the comfort of your home. A gym does not necessarily have to be made up of a full body weight lifting system. You can dedicate a simple floor space for working on different types of work outs. The most common work outs that people do include yoga, aerobics, Pilates or even running on a treadmill. The space on which you do these exercises can be your gym. There are various kinds of gyms that you can have at your home. Here are some few types that you can try;

Weight lifting gym

This is the most common type of home gym. This is because many people have the idea that a gym is comprised of weight lifting equipment. There are 3 types of weight lifting gym that you can set up in your home;

There is a lever based gym which is comprised of a single or multi-station weight equipment that uses weight plates and levers for resistance. You can also have a machine based gym which uses rods, cables and/or pulleys as a training system. Free weight gym is another good option. With this one you can decide if you will have a bench and a set of dumbbells or a free weight gym that is fully decked with bench press, barbells and squat racks. You can learn more about weight lifting from this post.

Studio gym

This gym is basically comprised of a bare space that does not have any significant gym equipment such as a resistant training system or a treadmill. It is common among people that desire to lose weight or build muscle at a limited speed. The types of workouts that people do in a studio gym include aerobics, yoga and weightless exercises. Most of the people that have this type of gym follow the instruction that are in a DVD or book. This is the most affordable type of gym as it does not require much investment to set up as well as to maintain it.

Cardio gym

Just as the name suggests, a cardio gym has cardio equipment such as exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer, vibration machine, rower, and/or a stepper. It is advisable to choose a cardio machine that will help you achieve optimum results when exercising. Make sure that you are using the cardio machines correctly so as to avoid injury.

Hybrid Gym
This is a combination of the above types of gym. It is common among people that are into cross training. You can have an elliptical machine, weight lifting system and some floor space for doing yoga. Most people do not have this type of gym because of the limited space that they have in their house. You will need the help of a professional in selecting most appropriate gym equipment for your exercises so get some space left out for doing some aerobics.

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