Adventure enthusiasts find it compelling to rejuvenate during holiday and weekends to forget their busy schedules and hustles. Unlike backcountry campers who must carry everything in their backpack, car campers prefer instant tents nowadays.  Are you interested in car camping? Then you are reading the right page. In this article, I will enlighten you on all the information you need to purchase the best instant tent, so that value for your dollars is guaranteed.


Do you know what an instant tent is?

Instant tents are principally similar to the traditional tents only that they have pre-assembled frames and built into the tent. This makes their assembly so simple that they can take 1-2 minutes to be assembled. Since they are bulkier than usual tents, they are best used for car camping.

What value are you looking for in an instant tent?

For you to get the best instant tents for your money, there are factors you must take into consideration because as a matter of fact, there are different types in the market.

1. The number of people to be accommodated.

When you will camp with your whole family or a group of people, you need a bigger tent. There are tents that can accommodate any number.

2. Gender and purpose of your event

The gender and positions of the people will determine the number of rooms. For example, children and parents will need a separate room for privacy. For formal events, senior management will need a separate room as well as rooms for each gender.

3. It should have a porch

Most instant tents have porches, they help to keep dirt from the tent. It helps people take off their shoes outside the main tent without hassle especially when it rains.

4. The number of doors and windows

Sometimes it gets too hot or stuffy, windows and doors allow cool breezes and fresh air which will better your camping experience.

5. The material used to make the tent

Since bulkiness is not an issue, silnylon tents with steel poles are the best as opposed to aluminum with fiberglass poles.

6. Waterproof. Check whether or not the tent is waterproof to secure your family during heavy rainfall and dew.

7. Enhanced features

If you desire, you can seek a storage area, closet, air conditioners, and blackout curtains among others.

8. Seasons considered

If you are an avid camper, then buy an all season’s tent, but if you camp seasonally, you need a two or three season tent.

9. For the convenience of carrying, light tents will make it easier for you

10. Other factors you can consider are shape and design.

Advantages of using instant tents

I am delighted that you are empowered to make the best choice to ensure that you will get the best instant tents for your money. The above 10 factors are a sure way to get the finest product in the market. We know that different people have different preferences, therefore select the factors from the above which meet your needs.

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