Getting Off to a Good Start in the Gym

Deciding to follow a healthy lifestyle and hitting the gym is nothing short of commendable. It’s not easy to make such a decision especially in this day and age where more and more people are encouraging the normalcy of obesity and even going as far as to claim that having more fat than usual isn’t detrimental to one’s health. After getting past that ridiculous notion, it’s important to get a good footing in order to get off to a running start, figuratively.


Opting for a leaner body can be just as commendable whether the motivation is to look good or to be healthy. The latter motivation does sound nobler, yet there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve one’s looks. A lean, good-looking body is a reflection of a person’s self-value, which other people can’t help but pick up on.


Nevertheless, for people who have absolutely no clue how to start, it’s going to be an uphill climb. One of the most common obstacles that new lifters in the gym tend to do is go from one section of the gym to another, not having any concrete program to follow. Just because the equipment in the gym exists, doesn’t mean that it has to be incorporated into one’s program, especially a beginner’s program. In fact, beginners can stick to a few basic exercises and can even get a solid workout with just a power rack, a bench, barbell plates and the bar. But then again, this is where beginners are also fumbling in; the lack of knowledge in body sculpting to design an effective program. Some even end up spending entire gym sessions, lasting for weeks, doing nothing but bicep curls. We can only wish this was an exaggeration, but that’s the sad truth.


These beginner obstacles can sometimes be the very reason why people end up going back to their unhealthy lifestyle. These obstacles collectively create an impasse which might just convince the person that they were happier back when they didn’t care. The lack of progress will make them think it’s not worth it.


The good news is that shooting for a fit and healthy body doesn’t have to be a solo journey. Those trainers at the gym aren’t there just to rip you off. To be fair, some of them are actually not the reliable kind, which is why it’s sometimes better to go to the Internet to find a trainer who can help in creating a comprehensive program that can provide results and scalability. With reviews all over the web, it’s easy to assess a certain trainer’s reputation. And it’s also easy to check their physique, which is a testament to what they know and their dedication to health.


Fitness enthusiasts can also help in reviewing certain programs. Questions like “How does Adonis Golden Ratio work?” usually have lengthy yet helpful answers which can lead to figuring out whether a certain author/trainer is worth spending time and money on. In addition to Internet-based trainers, however, it may still be a good idea to hire an actual trainer in the beginning. This is in order to start one off with good exercise form.