It is important for couples who are married to do fun and intimate activities together to stay happily married. You need an activity or two to do together, no matter what state your marriage is in. Hobbies results in bringing couples closer together.

Here are some simple activities you and your significant other can do on a daily basis to keep the spark on your marriage.

Getting physical does not always mean having sexual intercourse. It can be a little kiss and a tight hug after a stressful day at work. A little bit of loving from your loved one can definitely brighten up a hard and stressful day. And of course, it can lead to something even more well and intimate.

Aside from the fact that your dog can benefit from the exercise he’ll get from walking, it is also a perfect way to unwind and have some time to reconnect with your partner. Plus it’ll help burn those unwanted fats away!

What’s a better way to relax and bond with you wife or husband after spending the whole day at work but with a sweet massage? If you’re worried you’ll end up arguing as to which one will get the massage first, well you can stop worrying. The perfect way to do this activity together is to have your husband sit on the floor between your legs. And while you’re rubbing his shoulders and neck he can massage your feet. You both can do this while making small talks about your day at work.

If the weather permits it, you can take a one day break from your dinner routine and head out to a beautiful location and have a picnic. This change in your routine can give both of you more time to talk while relaxing under the lovely skies full of stars. And you don’t need to make fancy cuisines, a simple sandwich that you and your husband loves can do the trick and will work best at the park.

Going to the gym together for bit of workout session not only will keep your heart healthy but your marriage as well. Those endorphins both of you will release can surely aid in your bonding and don’t forget to release those unwanted anger by hitting up the punching bag! It’s also a good way to motivate you knowing that your loved is there to support you 100 per cent.

Sometimes, we just want to be alone and get things together on our own after a hard day’s work. It is important to also give your significant other some space and unwind on his own. You may be married but you should always respect your spouse’s privacy. After they’ve relaxed a bit and ready to spend the much needed quality time with you, then you can do some of the activities in this list.

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