Are you curious why more and more individuals are buying tactical flashlights over the conventional everyday flashlight? Check these reasons why you should get one too.

What is a tactical flashlight?

Tactical flashlights are technically designed for tactical purposes done by the military and the police. Typically, these flashlights are smaller than the conventional flashlights but emit more illumination than the typical flashlights. Also, these are made from weapon-grade aluminum for maximized durability.

Check these top reasons why you should also get a tactical flashlight:

Reason #1: Self-defense

Since most of the tactical flashlights today are strong-built with weapon-grade aluminum construction, they are great for self-defense. Plus, some of these are designed with sharp beveled edges that can inflict serious pain when it is slammed to the attacker’s face.

Moreover, there are tactical flashlights that are designed with strobe light mode. The strobe light is a 4 to 20 Hz continuous light flicker that can cause mild to serious disorientation, vertigo, nausea, and more. However, the use of strobe light on tactical flashlights is not highly recommended not unless a critical situation arises.

Reason #2: Very bright

One of the reasons why tactical flashlights are popular is due to their very bright illumination.

A tactical flashlight’s light output can range from 20 to 2,000 lumens; you can get dim light to very bright light. Meanwhile, most of the traditional flashlights have 25 to 100 lumens. So, getting a tactical flashlight over the conventional ones is a smart choice.

Reason #3: Longer and wider beam

One of the reasons why tactical flashlights are popular for rescue operations and other tactical missions is because of the illumination.

There are two main types of beams – flood and spot beams.

A flood beam or known as flooding is illuminating an area on a wider scale. However, the tactical flashlight can emit light with shorter beam distances.

Spot beam can produce focused lighting and can penetrate longer distances. For this reason, tactical flashlights with spot beams are ideal for searching objects at a distance.

If you are confused about whether to choose a tactical flashlight with a flood beam or spot beam, you can choose both. There are tactical flashlights that are designed with both lighting options. Try to find the best tactical flashlight here and see if both options are available.

Reason #4: Packed with features

Another thing to love about the tactical flashlight is its features. Most of these types of flashlights are packed with features, which include easy switch between varieties of lighting modes, lock functions, SOS mode, rechargeable batteries, and more.

Reason #5: Indispensible during emergencies

Flashlight with several lighting options and better accessibility is indispensable, especially during emergencies. Since tactical flashlights today are surprisingly small and portable, maneuvering the flashlight in the dark, especially after an earthquake, hurricane, and more becomes easy.

Wrap Up

There are several more reasons to get a tactical flashlight; it is durable, reliable during an emergency, portable, easy to use, and can produce very bright illumination. However, its efficiency and functions may vary per tactical flashlight model.

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