Manual can openers are handheld devices used to open cans. They have evolved in many aspects since their invention. By this, they can get used to open can lids of different sizes. The principle behind the functionality is the ease to operate, making them cherished by most people. Also, it requires no source of energy since you only use your hands to propel the device. The manual can opener serves to puncture round the can’s lid until you separate the lid from the can. This way, you can easily scoop the content inside.¬†

Even though there are other types of can openers, manual can openers contend unimaginably to secure their position in the ever-growing technology. Besides this, there are many pros and cons of manual can openers. Below, we shed light on their pros and cons;


1. They are easy to operate

When setting them up for use, they do not involve complicated steps. The design is simple with smooth cutting blades that pierce the lid. A manual can opener has two handles that you must squeeze together for the blades to puncture on the lid. Turn on the handle on the side to make the opener move along the edge of the can. By this, the seals of the lid weaken, and then you can remove the lid with ease.

2. Cheap and Convenient

It is an all-weather tool which goes at a pocket-friendly price. Its functionality is never inhibited by lack of electricity. Whether outdoors or indoors, you can still enjoy your foodstuffs even when there is no electricity. The opener does not require power to perform its tasks. Hence you save on power since the equipment is maintenance free. The only thing you must do is oil the moving parts to keep the tool working for long.

3. Durable and Rust free

Most can openers are rust proof. Thus, it will cause no alarm when you clean them using water. You can either use a dishwasher or hand wash. For this reason, its services are long-lived because the rust-free make is durable. Also, it has hard blades and handles that hence there are close to no chances of encountering breakages. When storing, you only must clean it and oil properly.


  • Limit people with limp strength
  • Opening a can is a daunting task especially if you lack the perfect tools. It requires you to use some energy to have your way. In the case, you have limp strength, or you have arthritis, using a manual opener will not suffice. Other challenges when using a manual can opener include;
  • Time-consuming- it takes time to open the can
  • You can slice your hand in the process of opening the can
  • You must pull the lid after puncturing it all-round.

With the above pros and cons of a lid opener, you have a better chance to decide what suits you best. You now have a clue of what the manual can openers offer and the risks you can encounter. Thus, it is time you weigh out your options and settle for the ideal equipment in the market.


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