A multitrack recorder is a machine or equipment that is capable of playing back audio channels or sounds that have been recorded earlier while simultaneously recording a new sound or audio using separate tracks. The product has eliminated the need for musicians and singers to record live over and over again until the proper synchronization is achieved. As expressed by many sound engineers, producers, hobbyists, and musicians, the device is the brain or center of the whole process of sound or audio recording. As an overview, multitrack recorders were initially introduced in 1950. At first, it was only capable of recording three and four tracks. Nowadays, people can find ones that are capable of recording a maximum of 72 tracks.

As the device became more popular, the number of companies manufacturing such also grew in number. Thus, people can already find a lot of which in the market. Although the idea may sound great, the problem lies on the difficulty of determining whether a certain brand works best for the buyer or not. In the past, analog multitrack recorders have been rampant. However, nowadays, the digital recorders are the ones that are already highly available in the market. In choosing a digital recorder, buyers should first determine whether they are going to purchase a short-format, long-format, or record-only workstation. A short-format workstation has a built-in, basic audio processing systems and editing features. It is highly recommended for solo musicians and small bands. Such products can record eight and below audio channels or tracks. This type is primarily used for people doing song demonstrations and accomplishing basic audio projects.

Large-format workstations, on the other hand, are intended for professional and radio-ready sound productions. Obviously, the product has more signal-processing abilities and powerful editing features. It can also be wired in external processors like compressors and equalizers. Record-only machines are the ones that are commonly used in live performances done in schools, churches, and other venues. As the name implies, the machine only records the music or sound being performed by the musicians and singers. Apart from the type of recorder, people should also look into the product’s external inputs or outputs. Recorders that have XLR inputs are the ones that are considered the best. People should also check the media capabilities of the recorder. Such can include memory card, hard drive, and DVD-RAM capabilities, as well as a combination of two or more of the mentioned media. Workstations that support removable media are highly recommended.

Another feature to look into is the machine’s connectivity capabilities. Some machines can directly connect to computers, amplifiers, speakers, and other sound systems. Additionally, purchasers should also determine if the machine has a feature wherein the firmware can be updated. Such is important so that they no longer have to purchase the new version of the software. All they have to do is upgrade it. Additionally, people should also check the integrity of the product manufacturer. Such can be done by reading thorough and reputable testimonials and reviews of the best multitrack recorders.


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