The name Mackie comes up whenever one talks about pro audio equipment. Over the past 2 decades, the Mackie brand has really had carved out a reputation that is solid. It has been the top choice for gears of all kinds. This includes the excellent range of a Mackie studio monitor. It doesn’t matter whether you are setting up a studio for the very first time, or looking for an upgrade to your existing setup, or just searching the highest-quality audiophile speakers available. Just pose this question; Mackie Studio Monitor: Is It the Upgrade that You Need? You can also find out a lot more at music beat brothers.

Why You Need the Mackie Studio Monitor

With these monitors, you are really well covered. Making a decision on the set of Mackie studio monitors you need is very straightforward. First, take into account the size o the space you have. For smaller studios, you don’t need a whole lot of volume to be filled with sound. A compact monitor such as the MR5mk3 is sufficient. On the other hand, big rooms require bigger power and that will be provided by a larger driver, the MR8mk3. There are three sizes of Mackie mk3 Monitor that come individually or in form of pairs. It is, therefore, easy to get either one or two in one go, so long as it works for all your needs.

If you want the easiest and quickest setup to put together, remember to check out on the CR3 and CR4 Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors as well. They are designed to be very accessible and are monitors that are purposely built for the creation of digital content. In addition, they have a dedicated input mobile devices so that you can have instant access to all your music.

The Mackie Big Knob Studio

The Big Knob Studio Command System is the final piece of the puzzle. It gives you centralized control for several sets of monitors and audio sources. They are indeed very handy to help you easily run the biggest studio setups. Without monitors, a studio wouldn’t be a studio. You, therefore, don’t need to question yourself whether you need them or not but question yourself on what you need to choose. Mackie makes the answers to these questions very easy. They have built their reputation on excellent mixers.

You will also notice the high standards that have been used to make them when you listen to Mackie Studio Monitors. Mackie has also modernized the line of Big Knob Monitor Controllers. The models have been expanded with high-resolution USB playback and recording. Studios of any size can utilize one of the professional monitor selector models. With additional high-resolution Onyx USB playback and recording on two models, monitor control devices have been added recording capabilities.

Mackie says the brand new Big Knob series consists of 3 models which include:

  • • Mackie Big Knob Passive

This one offers a basic monitor control solution, which allows users to choose between two monitors and two sources for control. It’s a passive design with no-power-required.

  • • Mackie Big Knob Studio

Big Knob Studio includes USB playback/recording and expands on the Input/Output. It offers a routing choice between two monitor pairs and three sources. It also has an integrated dual headphone and talkback outputs.

  • • Rear Of Mackie Big Knob Studio+

The Big Knob Studio+ has more features. They offer the right Input/output to flexibly integrate into professional studios. The routing of 4×3 delivers choice and includes a DAW USB playback with an audio conversion rate of 192 kHz / 24-bit. It also contains a dedicated, studio that is amp-driven to enhance a distribution system for headphones.

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