Are you looking for a manual espresso machine?

There is a unique appeal to a traditional method of brewing espresso. Although it is time-consuming and exhausting to make espresso using a manual machine, however, the result is rewarding.  You can never have a tastier espresso other than manual preparation.

Beginners might find manual espresso machines as difficult to control. It requires precision and concentration to make the best result. Thus, it will take time for a beginner to come up with a perfect espresso.

If you are interested in the traditional means of brewing espresso, you will have to invest a manual machine.

There are a wide variety of quality level espresso machine options in the market today. But among the names in this industry, there is one brand that you can trust. That name is La Pavoni.

Who is La Pavoni?

The La Pavoni is an Italian name of manual espresso makers. The person behind this brand is Desiderio Pavoni. He is the reason why traditionalist coffee lovers can still enjoy the aroma and taste of a freshly brewed espresso. Pavoni made it happen by financing the near bankruptcy Bezerra Company. With this step, Pavoni introduced high-performing manual espresso machines to the world.

Today, La Pavoni is one of the well-respected names of espresso machines. You can find Pavoni models in various market both physical and online sources.

The Nuts About Coffee is one of the most reliable online sources of traditional espresso maker. This informative website offers product reviews of the leading brands of espresso makers from manual type to semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Likewise, if you need tips and buying guidelines in searching for high-quality espresso machines, this source is the one you can rely on.

You can find La Pavoni at Nuts About Coffee. There are two models of this brand you can view at this source. Here is a glimpse of about these La Pavoni espresso machines.

La Pavoni Professional PBB-16

This espresso machine looks classy and stunning in its own way. It has nickel plating and solid brass boilers. It features a nice polished look that will complement perfectly with any kitchen interiors design.

This item is made by Europiccola one of the best manufacturers from Italy. Thus you can guarantee that this item can help you prepare the best coffee. The boiler’s maximum capacity is 38 ounces. You can brew 16 traditional 2-ounce cups of espresso. This machine also has a re-set feature so you can reprogram the item and avoid it from malfunctioning.

La Pavoni Europiccola EPC-8

This espresso maker is perfect for preparing your favorite coffee. It has a modern and elegant appearance that is striking in the kitchen.

This product is an all-steel construction with heavy chrome plating underneath. This feature guarantees the item is long-lasting and sturdy. This item comes with a tamper, screen, screen holder, cappuccino attachment and measuring ladle. These additional accessories will help you to create the perfect espresso.

Honestly, it is confusing to choose a manual espresso machine especially for a beginner. If you need more guidance and tips, feel free to consult reliable sources like Nuts About Coffee.

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