Many men won’t admit that they have been using the same kind of shoes ever since. Although the shoe fashion is a continuously growing industry and many are becoming more interested in different looks, some won’t try to explore and veer from their old shoe style. And it is all because of one reason; looking for a pair of dress shoes is a chore.

Buying a pair of dress shoes is, no doubt, a tricky and exhausting task. Well, you have to consider your options and preferences. Moreover, you can’t shoe for a pair of dress shoes in one place. You have to go over a few stores until you find the right pair.

Now here goes a question; would you like to try a new look but hesitant of completely deviating from your old style?

If your answer is yes, then learn more about dress shoes here.

What is an Oxford Shoe?

Oxford dress shoes are popular footwear for men. It is well-known for its stunning and classic look. Though this type of shoe rose to fame in the 1800s, it remains a favorite pick for adult men.

Some believe that dress shoes are Oxford shoes. It is not.

Not all dress shoes are Oxford shoes. You can easily identify if a dress shoe is an Oxford-style by looking for its defining characteristics, which includes the following:

  • Closed lacing system
  • Elongated toe
  • Stitched leather sole
  • Three-part paneled construction

What are the Different Types of Oxford Shoes?

Oxford shoes come in different designs. Each one is styled for specific occasions.

  • Wholecut Oxford Shoes – A wholecut Oxford shoe is cut and fashioned from a single piece of leather.
  • Cap-toe Oxford Shoes – It features a closed lacing with a line or two of stitching that accentuates the frontal portion of the shoe.
  • Semi-Brogue Oxford Shoes – A semi-brogue Oxford shoe has a cap-toe with perforations and edgings. It also uses a closed laced system. This style is less formal but flashier compared to the above versions.
  • Wingtip Oxford – Similar to semi-brogue but has a unique “M” wing that sweeps at the toe and stops halfway to the heel.

When to Wear Oxford Dress Shoes?

The design of Oxford dress shoes is ideal for formal occasions like black tie and white tie events. It is also a great option for business gatherings.

Though it could work as office wear, however, it might look too formal in such a setting. You could wear this in the office if you are meeting with clients and will attend a business event.

How to Wear Oxford Dress Shoes?

Since Oxford dress shoes are best for formal events, it will perfectly match with a tuxedo or suit and dress pants.

Oxford shoes can also blend well with a double-breasted blazer and trousers with turn-up cuffs. And if you are going on a less formal event, wear a pair of Oxford shoes with a dress shirt as the top and add a silk tie.

Additional Details

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