It is human nature to want to explore more of the underwater. A scubapro jet fin helps you to venture well in the unattainable undersea world which you cannot survive underwater for long without breathing.

The functions of the key features in the scubapro jet fin

Vented blade system

They are the vent in the blade below the foot pocket. It allows water to flow through the blade reducing a drag on the weaker upstroke. It enhances trust and power on the down stroke as you dive in to the deeper sea. The vented design helps to reduce a drag and increases a better performance.

A compact fin design

It measures only 21.8 inches with a very short blade. It has a wide surface area compared to other fins. It allows you to deliver the best all in the power of a standard size fins. You cannot use any design for a scubapro if you need to dive well in the deeper seas as it enhances its diving functionalities in water.

Fin straps that are standard

This helps you to firmly attach to the foot pocket without the dangers of adjustments. It is a simple strap but very effective on the side of the fins. It keeps your foot snugged and secure in the foot pocket. The adjustable standard fin straps cannot release quickly once attached.

A durable construction

The jet fins are made from one piece of rubber that makes them vertically indestructible and durable. Once you start using them you find it is hard for them to worn out easily and also hard to damage. They cut down the maintenance budget that you will have to do on the fins.

Scuba jet fins are designed for divers

A technical or recreational diver will recommend this kind of equipment to deliver the power to dive through the water. Though there are a great number of finning styles like the flutter and frog kick that makes it advantageous when diving in a dry suit.

What you like when using a scubapro jet fin

It is of a simple feature with the ability to deliver a great performance. They give you a negative buoyant that helps you to keep your foot down. The fact that they are short makes the maneuvering in confined spaces to be quite easy. If you plan to buy, check out the Scubapro Jet Fins and prepare to have them for a long time.

What you may dislike of a scubapro

Most jet fins are broad, short and require you to be a good swimmer to be able to get the most out of them. They jet well through water if you have the strength they demand from you. If you have issues with your leg or ankle, you will not be able to use them. They are also heavy that you may find it hard to travel with them.


A scubapro jet fin enables you as a diver to reach down to the undersea water with ease. They help you to dive in to under water for long and for you to be safe. Its work is to help you to be alive when still exploiting the undersea world. Using it helps you breathe underwater.

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