Wooden rocking chairs are a great addition to any room. It radiates a homely vibe, making the space more inviting and relaxed. Likewise, a rocking chair easily fits in around the house. You can place it on the porch, in the living room, or the nursery. If you want to relax and grab a few peaceful moments, sitting on a rocking chair is the best way to enjoy it.

A wooden rocking chair has a long lifespan, especially if the material is a high-quality hardwood. Though it can last for several years, exposure to moisture, dirt, insect attacks and sunlight can inflict great damage on the wood and reduce its lifespan.

If your rocking chair is not in good shape, one way to bring back its beauty is by repainting. Repainting wooden rocking chairs prevents elements from further destroying the wood. The paint serves as an additional protective covering that maximizes the wood’s lifespan. By repainting, you can enjoy more of your wooden rocking chair in many years to come.

You can’t call it a paint job well done by simply wielding a paintbrush. There are some pointers you need to follow on how to paint a rocking chair. Below are the top five mistakes you must learn to avoid when painting a rocking chair.

Mistake#1: Not Cleaning the Furniture 

Most rookies think that wiping dust on the furniture is enough. Cleaning off dirt on a rock how to paint a rocking chairing chair is only one part of the job. You also have to remove the stain, oil, grease, and scrape off all types of dirt. Use a dash of vinegar, water, and soap solution to remove the stains. You can also use a stripping agent to get rid of stubborn dirt.

Once all the dirt is gone, check the furniture for any signs of damages. Fix broken parts of the chair to assure it is stable.

Mistake#2: Using Electric Sanders for Sanding

It is a big mistake to use an electric sander in sanding a rocking chair. Using such a tool can damage the furniture since rocking chairs have small and narrow parts. It best way to sand a rocking chair is by hand.

Mistake#3: Not Priming and Conditioning 

Always use a good primer before applying paint. The primer will prep the furniture and assure an even and smooth finish. Likewise, it will conceal holes and cracks. Using a primer and conditioner also reduces the absorption rate of paint.

Mistake#4: Not Using the Right Paint

It is important to choose the right paint for the right surface. Picking out the wrong paint will only cause immediate peeling and chipping.

Mistake#5: Painting in the Wrong Area

The temperature of the area where you are planning to paint has a direct effect on your project. The low temperature will cause the paint to dry slowly. And if it is too warm, the paint dries too quickly, which results in bumps, blisters, cracking, and discoloration. The ideal condition to paint a wooden temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit with 50% to 70% humidity.

More Thoughts

Painting a wooden rocking chair is a process. You have to follow it or else the outcome of your project won’t be good. To find out more tips and guidelines on how to paint a rocking chair, go to this source.

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