Have you heard about induction cooking?

This technology is slowly changing the ways of cooking. More and more households are switching to induction cooking because of its energy efficient features. And, if you want to transform your kitchen into a modern space, adding induction cookware will complete the look you desire.

The most popular induction cookware in the market today is the induction rice cooker. This kitchen appliance is the next big thing in the kitchen. It brings cooking rice to a whole new level. If you are tired of eating the same rice every day, an induction rice cooker will give variety to your regular rice.

The Technology Behind Induction Rice Cooker

This kitchen appliance is unlike your regular rice cooker. It features a non-contact heating technology that utilizes radio frequency electricity that forms a magnetic field through a conductive material. Once the electric current passes on the coil, it produces a magnetic field that generates heat.

The above info is a fraction of the process of how an induction rice cooker works. This type of rice cooker has an inner pot which works like a heat conductor. This inner pot is connected to an internal vessel with an alternating electric current. The current creates an induction heating zone that produces resistive heat that flows to the external vessel.

This process is what makes induction rice cooker in preparing for amazing rice.

The Advantages of Induction Rice Cooker

There are more to induction rice cookers. This equipment offers countless advantages to users. If you are planning to purchase an induction rice cooker, here are the top five benefits you can expect from using this appliance.

#1 Energy Efficient

Induction rice cookers do not waste energy. It is quite efficient and won’t consume much energy when operating. In an induction rice cooker use the entire inner pot to cook the rice. On the other hand, regular rice cookers heat the heating plate of the external vessel. This technology tends to waste more energy, unlike induction rice cookers.

#2 Responsive to Temperature Changes

Induction rice cookers feature temperature-sensing technology. The appliance can detect the right temperature for cooking a specific type of rice. Moreover, it is responsive to temperature changes. It easily adjusts temperature for precision in rice cooking.

#3 Faster Rice Cooking

Since induction rice cooker distributes heat evenly, it can cook rice faster compared to traditional rice cookers. It is quite convenient especially when you are in a hurry to cook rice.

#4 Cooks Variety of Rice

There is a specific brand, the Zojirushi NP-NVC10, an induction rice cooker that cooks 11 variety of rice. If you want to experience a different kind of flavor or texture in your rice, choose this product.

#5 Intelligent Technology

Induction rice cookers feature advanced technology. For example, the Zojirushi NP-NVC10 is equipped with artificial intelligence called the Fuzzy Logic. This feature allows the rice cooker to decide for itself in controlling temperature depending on the menu selected.

Moreover, the Zojirushi induction rice cooker has an extensive selection of control settings. Furthermore, it has safety features to reduce the risk of accidents.

Are you interested to invest in an induction rice cooker?

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