Capacitors, also known as stiffening caps, are electronic parts that are responsible for taking up, storing, and discharging electrical energy. Function-wise, they can be somewhat compared to a battery. However, capacitors are capable of filtering or buffering immediate circuit voltage changes. Hence, the signal can be transmitted in a faster manner than when a battery is used. When it comes to car audio capacitors, the amplifiers or speakers present in the car will be able to have a power source anytime.


Mechanically and electrically speaking, capacitors are composed of three general parts namely one dielectric component and two electrical conductors. The conductors are the ones that receive the voltage coming from a certain source. The dielectric, on the other hand, is the one that generates the static electricity that comes from the conductors. Through such, the electrical energy is stored and is ready to “pass through” the circuits when needed.


However, people should remember that not every car owner may require or need a capacitor. That is due to the fact that cars are already equipped with batteries. Those who may need caps are those who have cars that require a lot of energy. Such are those that have very powerful speakers or amplifiers, low-power alternators, and low-capacity batteries. Cars that also have stock charging systems and low-gauge and long amplifier power wires require caps.


The thing is that cars that have such features may end up having headlights that are not bright enough. That is due to the fact that a majority of the electrical power is being consumed by the above-mentioned factors. Hence, people sometimes observe that when they switch their car radio or stereo on, the headlight suddenly produces a dim light. However, some people say capacitors may actually be a terrible idea and may just be a waste of money. That is because it will not completely solve the problem and people can still see even if the headlight produces dim light.


Nevertheless, those who still prefer to install a car capacitor should consider the fact that they should choose the right size of capacitor for their car. According to experts, car owners should determine the total system power of their car. That is because for every 1,000 watts RMS of such, one Farad of capacitance should be bought. Meaning, if the person has a car that has a power of 3,000 watts RMS should buy a capacitor that has a capacitance level of three Farads.


After buying a capacitor, individuals can install such on their own. However, they should also remember that the device is dangerous since it contains electrical power. Nevertheless, since they just came from the store, they are definitely discharged. Before installing, individuals should first check the thorough installation and safety instructions that have been included in the product manual or leaflet. Most capacitors also come with a light bulb or a resistor that is designed to discharge the new capacitor. Hence, for safety, people are advised to discharge the product prior to installation.


Final Thoughts


Stiffening caps are products that can amplify any types of cars but is not necessarily needed by everyone. Hence, people should evaluate their needs before they even consider installing one.

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