You obviously know that it is better to be safe than sorry. This rule is also applies when dealing with electricity and electrical appliances. You should note that there is a thin line between enjoying your experience with electrical device and getting into an electrical hazard. Whether you are a professional electrician or a home owner it essential to have a set of electrician tools You will realize that electrical wiring jobs require several tools, which are usually very cheap. Here are some of the most common electrical tools.

Continuity tester

This device is used in determining whether the wiring installation is broken. It usually detects the breaks in the continuity of a circuit. It is battery powered and is available at the stores at a cheap price.


Just like a continuity checker, this device also checks for continuity in a circuit. However, it is more versatile than a simple continuity tester, because it can also do voltage checks. A SG1 electrician can use this device in a jiffy, but beginners should read the manual first. Most experts claim that a multi-meter is like a volt meter, ohm meter and continuity tester combined.

Circuit tester

This device is used in determining whether the circuit is properly grounded or not. You will realize that using this device is very easy as you will only be required to simply plug it into a power outlet.


There different types of pliers including mini pliers and long nose pliers. You can use a lineman pliers for twisting or cutting thick cables or wires. A Long-nose plier is used for bending wire ends or cutting off wires.


You obviously know the essence of this tool. Most homeowners have a set of screwdrivers in their toolbox. All professional electricians have the recommended set of this tools for reasons you should already understand. Of course, in the line of electric works you will need those with insulated grips.

Voltage tester.

The name simply defines the use of the tool. It detects whether the wires of a circuit are either hot or not. Ensure that you touch only the insulated probes when using these devices. You should do the test on the circuit by holding one probe onto wire you think is hot and then place the other probe next to the grounding wire. You will know if the circuit is live when the light indicator glows.

Wire stripper

Electrical wires are protected by either rubber or plastic insulation so as to prevent the bare wires from coming into contact with each other. They also protect people from being electrocuted. Wire strippers also come in handy when you want to the link wires or connect cables to the devices. In such situations, you have to remove the plastic sheaths or rubber. You also have to make sure that the power is off. The right wire stripper will help you cut through the insulation of the cables without damaging the wires inside.

Soldering iron

This device is used in repairing broken wires and circuit boards. Electricians use it to apply melted solder to the spot that requires repair.

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