The Pros and Cons of a 7.1 Surround Sound

Is a 7.1 surround sound system the right option for you? Find out the pros and cons of this surround sound here. 

Kudos! You are a few steps away from buying your new home theater system. No doubt, you have several questions in mind right now, and the chances are one of these questions is whether a 7.1 surround sound is a good investment or not.

“Is a 5.1 speaker the right choice? Or a 7.1 is better since it has more speakers?” These are the common questions that home theater system neophytes often ask. Most are confused about which surround sound system to purchase. A huge percentage of first-time buyers tend to pick a surround sound with more speakers due to the mindset that more is better. It is somehow true, but not always.

The 7.1 Surround Sound System

If you’ve been browsing for a potential new home theater system to buy, for sure you’ve encountered a 7.1 surround sound system.

A 7.1 surround sound consists of five basic speakers, including a center channel speaker, two front speakers, and two surround speakers, together with one subwoofer. Aside from these speakers, a 7.1 surround sound has additional two rear speakers to complete the seven.

The 7.1 provides a great listening experience; however, it is not always the right choice for every buyer. To learn more about this surround system, below is a list of its pros and cons.

The Pros of 7.1 Surround Sound System

#1 Full and Rich Sounds

This surround system reproduces a fuller and richer sound compared to a 5.1. All thanks to the additional two rear speakers that add depth to the audio quality of the equipment. The rear speakers fill the void of the main speakers by catching both high and low frequencies. However, these speakers could not pick up very low frequencies, unlike subwoofers.

#2 For Larger Rooms

A 7.1 sound system can fill a large space with sound. The additional speakers reproduce the sound effects that are difficult to hear in a large room.

#3 Theater-Like Experience

Do you want to start a home cinema? You can never go wrong with a 7.1 surround sound. The rear speakers allow you to have a cinema-like listening and viewing experience. You can feel and hear the sounds around you.

The Cons of 7.1 Surround Sound System

#1 Not for Small Rooms

If you’re living in a small apartment or a studio, a 7.1 sound system is not the right choice. The surround speakers will dominate the front channels resulting in distorted and scattered audio. Likewise, it will be challenging to hear the dialogues and sound effects.

For small rooms, the best option is a 5.1 surround sound.

#2 More Expensive

This sound system is more expensive than a 5.1. If you’re willing to spend more, you can get a top-notch 7.1 surround sound system from a well-known brand.

#3 Difficult to Setup and Troubleshoot

Beginners, beware that 7.1 surround sound is not easy to setup. Also, you’ll need professional help to troubleshoot the equipment. If you are new to sound systems, start with the basics, like a 5.1 sound system.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Tactical Flashlight

Are you curious why more and more individuals are buying tactical flashlights over the conventional everyday flashlight? Check these reasons why you should get one too.

What is a tactical flashlight?

Tactical flashlights are technically designed for tactical purposes done by the military and the police. Typically, these flashlights are smaller than the conventional flashlights but emit more illumination than the typical flashlights. Also, these are made from weapon-grade aluminum for maximized durability.

Check these top reasons why you should also get a tactical flashlight:

Reason #1: Self-defense

Since most of the tactical flashlights today are strong-built with weapon-grade aluminum construction, they are great for self-defense. Plus, some of these are designed with sharp beveled edges that can inflict serious pain when it is slammed to the attacker’s face.

Moreover, there are tactical flashlights that are designed with strobe light mode. The strobe light is a 4 to 20 Hz continuous light flicker that can cause mild to serious disorientation, vertigo, nausea, and more. However, the use of strobe light on tactical flashlights is not highly recommended not unless a critical situation arises.

Reason #2: Very bright

One of the reasons why tactical flashlights are popular is due to their very bright illumination.

A tactical flashlight’s light output can range from 20 to 2,000 lumens; you can get dim light to very bright light. Meanwhile, most of the traditional flashlights have 25 to 100 lumens. So, getting a tactical flashlight over the conventional ones is a smart choice.

Reason #3: Longer and wider beam

One of the reasons why tactical flashlights are popular for rescue operations and other tactical missions is because of the illumination.

There are two main types of beams – flood and spot beams.

A flood beam or known as flooding is illuminating an area on a wider scale. However, the tactical flashlight can emit light with shorter beam distances.

Spot beam can produce focused lighting and can penetrate longer distances. For this reason, tactical flashlights with spot beams are ideal for searching objects at a distance.

If you are confused about whether to choose a tactical flashlight with a flood beam or spot beam, you can choose both. There are tactical flashlights that are designed with both lighting options. Try to find the best tactical flashlight here and see if both options are available.

Reason #4: Packed with features

Another thing to love about the tactical flashlight is its features. Most of these types of flashlights are packed with features, which include easy switch between varieties of lighting modes, lock functions, SOS mode, rechargeable batteries, and more.

Reason #5: Indispensible during emergencies

Flashlight with several lighting options and better accessibility is indispensable, especially during emergencies. Since tactical flashlights today are surprisingly small and portable, maneuvering the flashlight in the dark, especially after an earthquake, hurricane, and more becomes easy.

Wrap Up

There are several more reasons to get a tactical flashlight; it is durable, reliable during an emergency, portable, easy to use, and can produce very bright illumination. However, its efficiency and functions may vary per tactical flashlight model.

How Power Handling Affects Subwoofer Performance

Power handling is crucial for overall subwoofer performance. Find out how power directly affects subwoofer sound quality right here.

The audio power in home theater systems comes from the bass. The lower frequency sounds reverberate in your chest and make you feel the sounds.

However, main speakers can grasp these sounds in the lower range, that’s the function of a subwoofer.

Subwoofers enhance the bass output of home theater systems. It makes the sound fuller, richer, and deeper. Adding a subwoofer will certainly improve your cinema home experience like never before.

If you are thinking about buying a new subwoofer, you need to take note that there a myriad of options out there. They differ in specs, sizes, and prices. But among these factors, one thing you need to consider first is the subwoofer power rating.

Power Handling and Subwoofer

When it comes to subwoofer discussions, watts or power handling is never out of the picture. A subwoofer’s wattage has a direct impact on its performance. It can either enhance or decline the subwoofer’s overall performance.

Power rating is different from power handling. The former is often associated with amplifiers. It talks about the amount of power an amplifier requires to reach peak performance. On the other hand, power handling discusses the amount of power that can be sent to the subwoofer.

RMS and Peak Power

Beginners often confuse RMS and peak power rating. You will notice on subs and other sound devices these terms. RMS wattage rating refers to the measure of continuous power that is transferred to the equipment. Meanwhile, peak power does not affect realistic operation. It is only the highest point of power that can be generated in short bursts. Therefore, peak power is not the thing you’ll have to look for in subs, what you need to consider is its RMS capabilities.

High-Powered Subs for Louder Sounds

It is a misconception that one needs a high-powered subwoofer to produce loud sounds. You can obtain the same loud sounds even at small powered subs. The wattage rating of a subwoofer has nothing to do with how loud it should sound.

A 1,000-watt does not play louder than a 100-watt and vice versa. For example, take this ELAC’s new SUB3030, though it is not as powerful as other subs, it can produce good sonic performance.

The loudness of a subwoofer depends on its volume control. The watt rating of a sub tells you the amount of power it can handle when playing music. It serves as your guide on whether the sub matches the amount of power amplifiers transfers to the former. If the sub and amp are mismatched, there’s a tendency that the subwoofer will get damaged easily and produce poor audio quality.

For example, if the volume is turned up and the amp has a lesser power rating than the sub, you’ll hear distortion in the sound. Also, mismatched wattage causes the speakers to overheat, melt, and warp. Hence, the key is to choose a subwoofer suitable to the power rating of your home theater system.

Aside from power handling and wattage, there are several factors to consider when looking for a subwoofer. Make sure to consider these factors to ensure a good purchase.

Is it Safe to Mix Magic Mushroom and Cannabis?

Magic mushrooms and cannabis both offer potential health benefits and psychoactive properties. However, is it safe to combine these two psychedelics? 

Cannabis and shrooms remain as Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substance Act. However, over the course, many states have already decriminalized these substances. The first state to decriminalize cannabis was Oregon in 1973. This development provided momentum for various states to join the reform. Five more states followed Oregon, namely, Alaska, Maine, Colorado, California, and Ohio in 1975. Recently, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, and Arizona issued the legalization of cannabis.

The movement for psilocybin decriminalization started in the late 2010s in Denver, Colorado. Oakland and Santa Cruz California followed their steps in January 2019 and January 2020 respectively. Moreover, Canada also made their move by decriminalizing psilocybin as a Schedule III drug. If you look for magic mushrooms in Edmonton, you can easily find one through online dispensaries.

These reforms caused cannabis and magic mushroom to become widely accessible. It also sparked the curiosity of many psychedelic geeks to experiment by combining these substances.


Cannabis is often used for its medicinal properties; it is a powerful analgesic, anti-tumor, and anti-cancer plant. Also, it can ease epileptic episodes and psychological problems.

The effects of cannabis depend on the dosage, strain, potency level, and method of consumption. Also, the effects may differ on how often a person uses cannabis.

The effects of raw cannabis, capsules, and oil kick in immediately after consumption. However, edibles take about 30 to 60 minutes before you feel its effects. After taking the substance, you will feel more focused, relaxed, and productive. Other potential effects include euphoria, dulling of sensations, increased appetite, and rapid heart rate.

Magic Mushrooms

Fifteen types of mushrooms contain psilocybin and psilocin. These mushrooms are called magic mushrooms or shrooms.

Shroom affects sensory perception similar to cannabis. However, the effects of shroom are more striking. It is more potent and the duration of effects takes longer to wear out.

Magic mushroom is commonly used to treat depression and anxiety. It helps in managing cancer-related treatment distress and smoking cessation. Taking shroom also improves energy, mood, and productivity. However, one can only achieve these effects using micro-dosing. Consuming stronger strains and a higher dosage of shroom could lead to deactivation of perception of reality, paranoia, and nightmare.

Is it Possible to MixShroom and Cannabis? 

Both cannabis and shroom alter the perception of reality due to their active hallucinogen compounds. However, the effects of these substances when used together, depends on their type and potency level.

Studies show that combining shroom with CBD-rich cannabis strain reduces nausea and anxiety. Cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis is different from THC. It does not induce psychoactive effects and even fights the euphoria. But mixing shroom with THC increases the risk of ‘bad trips.’ THC and psilocybin are both strong psychedelics; thus, combining these two will only increase visual and auditory hallucinations. Conclusively, CBD is safe to mix with shroom but not THC.

Although cannabis and shrooms have no serious health risk, using these substances together is prohibited among beginners. It is best to stick with one until you become familiar with how your body and mind react towards each substance.

Kwikset Smartkey Keypad and Lock: Top Malfunction Causes

One of the top smart door locks today is Kwikset Smartkey – innovative and efficient. However, what causes it to malfunction? Read this to find out the top reasons why.

Keeping your loved ones and your valuables safe and secured is every homeowner’s priority; for this reason, installing smart door locks is one of the smartest things to do. However, why problems with smart door locks keep arising? If you have some issue with your Kwikset Smartkey, here are the possible causes why the smart door lock is not working:

Cause #1: Issues with the smart door lock batteries

Most smart door locks are designed with replaceable batteries, and in most cases, these locks use 4xAA batteries. One of the common reasons why a smart door lock would start to malfunction is because of the batteries. The life of the battery is essential to the overall function of the smart lock. Typically, regular 4xAA batteries would last up to a year, if based on 10 entries per day. However, if the batteries would quickly run low, it can affect the lock’s performance.

Here are a few underlying reasons why the smart door lock’s battery would drain quickly:

  • Shorten battery life due to misaligned doors.
  • Temperature change and humidity, causing the door to become ‘warped’, which affects the batteries’ performance.
  • The battery is not connected properly to the terminals.

So, whenever you have problems with your smart door lock, make sure to check the batteries first before going through other troubleshooting procedures. At this post, you’ll get additional details about the smart door lock, specifically details on Kwikset Smartkey Keypad and lock.

Cause #2: Overriding similar door handling process

Another overlooked reason why a smart door lock does not work is because of overriding a similar door handling process. This usually happens when the door handling process has been executed previously. To troubleshoot this, here are a few tips that you may follow:

  • Try to remove the batteries.
  • Then, while reinserting the batteries or the battery pack, you should PRESS and HOLD the Program button.
  • Next, you should release the button by the time the batteries are installed; this will make the LED flash green and red.
  • Finally, you should PRESS the Program button again.

The procedure will cause the latch bolt to extend and retract to check the door’s orientation. If successful, you’ll see a checkmark symbol; however, if it would fail, an “X” pattern will appear.

#3: Door misalignment

The most common reason why a smart door lock won’t work is because of the door misalignment. Misaligned doors may cause resistance during locking and unlocking, thus affecting the entire door lock’s performance. So, if find your door lock resisting when you are locking and or unlocking it, try to check if the door and the door latch are well-aligned. You may call a professional if you have no idea how to fix a smart door lock.

Final Thoughts

Kwikset Smart Keypad and lock is one of the popular smart door locks today, but this lock can experience troubles too. If that happens, try finding the cause of the problem before doing unnecessary troubleshooting.

How to Make Homemade Dehydrator Dried Magic Mushrooms

Dehydrating magic mushrooms increases their lifespan. Learn how to make your shroom supply last for a long time using this method. 

Mushrooms quickly decompose because of their high moisture content. It contains 90% water; thus, once you harvest them, it won’t stay fresh for a long time. If you order magic mushrooms in Canada for future use, the perfect solution to preserve them is by drying.

There are two different methods of drying magic mushrooms. You can use a desiccant to remove the moisture in the shrooms. But be warned that store-bought desiccants such as silica gel are not safe. You have to make homemade desiccant to guarantee safety.

Another method of drying magic mushrooms is by using a dehydrator. This drying process is easier and more convenient. All you have to do is find a dehydrator.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make homemade dried magic mushrooms using a dehydrator.

Step 1: Clean the Mushrooms

Wash the mushrooms to get rid of dirt, and other debris stuck on it. Make sure the head and stem are clean. Also, cut the bottom of the stem to remove the remaining substrate.

Step 2: Look for a Vertical Dehydrator and Horizontal Dehydrator

There are two types of dehydrators; these are vertical and horizontal dehydrators. Both are applicable for dehydrating and drying magic mushrooms. Thus, if you have a vertical dehydrator, then there is no need to find a horizontal type.

Step 3: Drying Shrooms Using Vertical Dehydrator 

If your dehydrator is a vertical model, here is the process you need to follow.

  • Place the largest magic mushroom closest to the fan. Arrange the smaller shrooms near the door.
  • Set the dehydrator’s temperature to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Set the timer for two hours.

If in two hours they are not cracker dry, extend the dehydrating time of the mushrooms. Take note that some shrooms take time to reach the ‘cracker dry’ level. It depends on the shroom’s size and moisture content.

Step 4: Drying Shrooms Using Horizontal Dehydrator

For horizontal dehydrators, follow the procedure below on how to dry shrooms.

  • The largest shrooms go on top ring tray. Place the smallest shrooms on the bottom ring tray.
  • Set the temperature to 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Set the timer for two hours. If the horizontal dehydrator has no built-in timer, set an alarm for two hours.
  • After two hours check the mushrooms. They are done when they reached the ‘cracker dry’ level. If not, continue dehydrating the shrooms for another hour or so until cracker dry.

Step 5: Follow Proper Storage Technique

After dehydrating or drying the shrooms place them in an air-tight container. Check if the container is moisture-free and clean. You can also use a zip lock bag for storage. However, experts recommend vacuum sealed bags since they are more air-tight compared to zip lock bags.

Find a good storage area to keep your dried magic mushrooms. As much as possible, choose a cool and dry place where the shrooms are not exposed to sunlight. The cool temperature will help preserve the shroom’s structural quality, potency, and aesthetics.

Ideal Tent for Different Camping Activities

From car camping to mountaineering, whenever we are planning for spending a night in nature, we will always need a perfect tent for giving the comfort of a home away from home. It is a lot easier than shopping for home though because almost everything is accommodated within a single room. But still, there are tons of different tents on the market, so let us walk through all of the information one needs to know for finding the ideal tent for his camping activity.

Key Camping Activities are crucial in choosing the Ideal Tent:

  • Backpacking tents are designed to be carried around for most of the day and long-distance treks. This means they are lightweight and compact to carry in our backpack.
  • Camping tents are used for short hikes to close by campsites; they have cabin style designs with a steep wall which maximize the interior headroom & overall space inside the tent. While checking for instant cabin camping tents please consider the CORE 9 person instant cabin tent
  • Mountaineering tents are typically tough & rugged shelters designed to withstand heavy snow loads, strong winds, and chill environments. Often set up above the tree line and fully exposed to snowfall & heavy winds, they pack a set of features that allows us to rest comfortably.

Getting ready for the nastiest climatic conditions one can encounter during his camping, tents are generally categorized for seasonal uses:

  • 3-Season tents are the perfect tent choice for three seasons namely spring, summer, and winter. These tents have double walls along with waterproof flies to stop the rain.
  • 4-Season Tentsare only designed for one season, i.e. winter. These tents have heavier fabrics, stronger poles, durability, and protection for extreme weather conditions.
  • 3-4 Season Tentshave hybrid designs that balance elemental protection with adjustable ventilation and warmth.

There are benefits to each style of tent according to their structural arrangement, but for most camping purposes one should possibly consider the following:

  • Single-Walled tents are the most often utilized for winter camping because of their easy setup & lightweight.
  • Double-walled tents are the best choice having an inner mesh and an outer waterproof top cover.
  • Number of doors and their orientation can also be big factors in terms of quality of life at your campsite and additional doors mean less crawling over people in the middle of the night

Considering all the above factors the most important thing which comes to our mind is the additional accessories of the tents. Here is a list of tent enhancers for our ready reference:

  1. Accessory loft for storing miscellaneous items such as a phone, a headlamp or lantern, or a small hedgehog.
  2. Repair kits are very handy for a fabric tear inside the tent or a pole snap.
  3. Compression Sack for stuffing our tent & carrying it in our backpack.

Now after going through the topic one can easily choose his ideal tent matching his priority & requirement for having safe & comfortable camping.

What Makes Coffee a Popular Choice across the World?

Coffee, a drink that is a need while starting our day after leaving the bed, during our time of leisure, and a good companion while meeting with friends for a casual talk or in a business meeting. This drink has well ingrained into the lives of people around the world and especially in the USA people drink more coffee in a day than soda, juice, and tea put together. You can see coffee shops placed not very far from each other along the streets or the presence of coffee makers in the kitchens of homes or pantry space in the office. However making coffee yourself may not produce great cups during the first few attempts with a coffee maker, but you can master it if you have selected a real good coffee make for yourself. You can read more about the coffee makers at if you are willing to buy one for yourself as they have many good reviews out there.

We must be thinking at times, which makes coffee such popular drinks across the globe. It’s no secret that the main biologically active ingredient in coffee is the caffeine which is a well-known stimulant. Coffee is known to have a number of antioxidants in addition to caffeine. All of you might have experienced the result after having a cup of coffee in the morning, the caffeine blocking the effects of adenosine, and putting the sleep away, hence making you ready for a productive day ahead. Yes, it is also right that too much coffee may make you sleepless, but a controlled consumption is always welcome.

Earlier we talked about coffee having a suite of antioxidants, now we will see how it helps the coffee lover. The oxidized molecules that are the wastes of the metabolic process of the body are neutralized by the antioxidants present in coffee. Some researchers also believe that coffee has been good at preventing cancer and some other diseases as well. The antioxidants present in coffee believed to have elements that fight with cancer as they help reduce the mutations that aid the misregulation of genes. Also as we have mentioned before, higher consumption of coffee is linked with lower rates of occurrence of Parkinson’s disease and some forms of dementia as well. Such results are established based on the good show put by the combination of caffeine and antioxidants present in coffee. A higher rate of consumption of coffee has also been linked to a lower rate of type-2 diabetes.

It’s not only the benefits revealed by clinical studies that made the coffee popular, but also the taste, aroma, and variety of beverages made using the coffee have made it popular around the world. Some people are still skeptical since some studies point to the ill effects of the coffee which is yet to be established with firmness, yet one thing is sure that very few can imagine to kick their day off with something other than the coffee for the boost it provides them at the beginning of their day.

Why You Should Consider Installing Solar Powered Attic Fans at Home

An upstairs room is close to the roof tends to get hot in summer. The discomfort it brings will keep you awake at night. As a result, you feel groggy and exhausted first thing in the morning.

One way to keep your rooms upstairs comfortable and cool is to increase its ventilation. There are various to make your space cooler. You can place a fan or an AC unit. Also, a PV fan is a good option unless you’ve got enough carpentry skills to do the job. But if you prefer an easy money-saver option with low-initial cost, consider installing a solar-powered attic fan.

Aside from the above aspects, there are many reasons why you should consider installing a solar-powered attic fan. Here it is.

Lower Electricity Consumption

If there is one thing that most households want to avoid, that is expensive electric bills. Adding more AC units and fans to enhance comfort and ventilation in the space is not the smartest move. Your energy bills will skyrocket, especially during warmer seasons.

Solar attic fans do not rely on commercial electricity. It gets power from solar energy. Hence, solar-powered attic fans won’t add more to your energy bills.

Makes Upstairs Living Comfortable

Individuals who have experience using a solar-powered attic fan say it does not much help in keeping the room cool. Remember that solar powered attic fans also differ in room capacity. Smaller units can’t make a large space cool and well-ventilated. Consider choosing the right attic fan with the size and capacity suitable for your room. So, does a solar-powered attic fan makes upstairs living more comfortable? The answer is yes.


In this age, people veer towards environment-friendly solutions, such as using solar power for energy instead of non-renewable. The solar-powered attic fan is a 100% environment-friendly option.

Affordable Initial Cost

AC units are quite expensive, especially those coming from well-known brands. Similar goes to PV fans. Meanwhile, solar-powered attic fans cost lesser compared to the said units. The upfront cost of installing solar attic fans is quite affordable. Moreover, you no longer need to hire a skilled person to install the unit.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing solar attic fans is very simple. You can do it DIY. It only takes a few minutes, but make sure to gather first all the tools you will need for the installation.

Additional Advice

Is installing a solar attic fan worth it?

If you are searching for a budget-friendly means of improving upstairs room ventilation, then it is the best choice out there. However, you need to know the tricks in picking the best solar attic fan for your house. You can go to the Solar Guide Light to find out how to find high-quality solar attic fans in the market today. Also, see their product reviews and comparison. Right here, you can get additional details on these items, such as their technical details, as well as the pros and cons.

Indeed, solar attic fans are worth spending money. If you have questions about this unit, you can ask the Solar Guide Light.

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2: The Pros and Cons

The perspective of 3D printing has brought industrial production into a better view – convenient, fast, and cost and labor effective.

One of the most popular mini 3D printers today is the Monoprice Select Mini; it is surprisingly affordable for a quality built and designed mini 3D printer. If you want to get to know more about the Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer, you should continue reading this post.

Key Product Specifications:

  • Printing Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Build Area: 4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches
  • Printing Speed: 55 mm per seconds
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature: 482 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maximum Platform Temperature: 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Filament Types: PLA, ABS, Copper fill, Wood fill, Bronze fill, and Steel fill
  • Laser Resolution:
    • Normal phase: 131 microns
    • Fast phase: 200 microns
    • High-quality: 90 microns
  • Type of extruder: Single extruder
  • Firmware: Open source
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Software compatibility: Cura Software and Repetier-Host
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, and MicroSD card

To fully understand Mono Price Select Mini V2’s worth, the following are its key Pros and Cons:


  • Affordable

One thing you’ll notice about Monoprice Select Mini V2 is its price considering it is packed with features and upgrades compared to its counterparts. Here are its noted features that you’ll love about MP select mini V2:

  • Ready to use with factory calibrated print bed; this means, the 3D printer does not require tedious set-up – a “plug and play” mini 3D printer.
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to operate
  • Readable color LCD with the advanced task
  • Open source; compatible with several different types of slicing software.
  • Heated bed
  • Freedom to use different materials

The MP Select Mini V2 is designed to print items from different materials including PLA, Nylon, ABS, and more. Hence, with Mini V2’s ability to 3D print items from a wide range of materials, this gives the mini printer a great advantage; this allows the printer to print several different items from different printing scenarios.

  • The quick-release filament system

Unlike other mini 3D printers, the Monoprice Select Mini V2 is designed with a quick-release filament system that allows you to change the material without having to compromise the 3D printing result.

  • Simple and easy to use

If you are a beginner in 3D printing, the Monoprice Select Mini V2 is the best choice – it is a user-friendly 3D printer.


  • The high-speed printing process can sometimes cause 3D printing to fail. So, avoid using high-speed printing if not necessary.
  • There is inconsistency in printing temperature that causes 3D printing to fail when printing complicated and bigger models.
  • Re-calibration can be very tricky for beginners.


Is Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2 worth-it?

Going through the mini printer’s features and pros, you are getting most of what you will pay for. So, if you are currently looking forward to purchasing your first 3D printer, the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2 is indeed worth-it.

If you need additional details on this, you may visit Digi 3DVerse’s website today.