Pro For Sho 34dB Shooting Ear Protection review

Earmuffs are the best devices for shooters, tasks involving lawn mowers and industrial jobs. Noise-canceling earmuffs are also ideal for studying, which means they have many applications. When shopping for the best hearing protection, you need to consider factors such as suitability, comfort and their noise blocking abilities.

After extensive research, one brand that stands out from the rest is the Pro For Sho. It offers you earmuffs that feature the highest protection rating, enabling you to enjoy a quiet world when carrying out shooting activities at a gun range. This PRO FOR SHO (34DB) SHOOTING (EAR PROTECTION) REVIEW outlines reasons to check out this amazing device.

Features and Benefits

Incredible Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) (34dB)

The Pro For Sho earmuffs provides users with the best NR rating of 34dB. If you love using your weapons at a gun range, you will find this hearing protection to be good value for money. When using them, you can still hear your colleagues talking around you, which is another reason to buy them. You’ll enjoy your shooting activities without damaging your ears, and for extra protection, you can add earplugs.

Solid and Lightweight

If you have used other earmuffs, one thing that you know is important when choosing the best earmuffs is weight. The Pro For Sho earmuffs weigh less than one pound and have a slim profile, meaning they are lighter when you compare them with other brands.

Compact and Portable

These earmuffs come in a compact design. You can bend them effortlessly into a small size, enabling you to carry them easily. For instance, you can store them in a shooting bag or carry them conveniently.

Memory Foam Padding

If you wear eye protection or glasses, you will love the Pro For Sho hearing protection. They have memory foam padding, meaning you can wear eye protection comfortably while using this device.

Passive Earmuffs

You may be searching for passive earmuffs since they are simple. The Pro For Sho brand is the best choice for you. They enable you to avoid loud sounds that can cause permanent eardrum damage by removing these sounds fast. They are different from electric earmuffs since they don’t entertain or amplify any additional sound frequencies.


  • • Excellent NRR (34dB)
  • • Available at a budget-friendly price
  • • Compact and lightweight
  • • Easily foldable and portable
  • • You can have a conversation when using them
  • • The padded headband provides you with extra comfort


  • • The headband offers users a few adjustment options
  • • The fit may be too tight


It’s important to use hearing protection if you’re operating heavy machinery, shooting at a gun range or attending loud music concerts. These devices enable you to protect your ears by effectively reducing the sound. The Pro For Sho earmuffs are the perfect choice for shooters, industrial equipment operators and people operating equipment such as lawn mowers. With a noise reduction rating of 34dB, you will protect your ears from extremely loud noise. Moreover, they feature a padded headband that offers you extra comfort while wearing them.



Are water filter pitchers safe to use?

Water is an essential factor of love. Staying hydrated helps keep your skin supple and, it cleanses the body by washing off harmful toxins that might have gotten ingested. Thus, it is essential to use water filters to purify the water you consume. As we all know, water from the taps might have undergone purification processes. However, on its way to the taps, it passes through water channels that might be contaminated. Here, it collects bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, fluorine plus a billion other harmful toxins. Hence, on arriving at the taps, the water might not be a hundred percent pure. Find out more at my filter pitcher.

As the common saying goes, water is life. However, you must be cautious about the sources from which your water comes from. Therefore, you need to modify ways by which you will purify the water before consumption. Some of the suggested water purifiers include; water filter pitchers. But the big question remains, are water filter pitchers safe to use? Below the benefits of using water filter pitchers and which makes them safe for use

1. Reduced infections

During the stages of water purification, chlorine and ammonia are among the chemicals used. What many do not know is that chlorine and ammonia are carcinogenic. Therefore, using water filter pitchers, you will be able to impede the existence of these chemicals in your drinking water. What you need to do is invest in a quality water pitcher that does not eliminate essential minerals from the water. You can try the Alkaline water ionizer that leaves essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium untouched. Also, diseases such as cholera are waterborne, and statics has it that the claim over a million lives each year.

2. Bottled water is unhealthy

There are many water brands on the market today. All bearing the names, distilled, filtered and purified water. You cannot trust anyone on what you consume. You need to DIY your drinking water. You waste your cash since most companies sell you tap water. Plus, the plastic bottles are made of phthalates which can cause hormonal imbalance. Far more, plastics are unhealthy for the environment when the flood in water masses and contaminate or habitats.

3. Fewer toxins and more detox

Even though the liver and the kidneys are liable for effective detoxification, drinking filtered water will ease the task. High intake of water helps flush off toxins we might have ingested through foods and drinks. Therefore, you can reduce the detoxing task by taking in filtered water.

4. At last, you save big

When you do it yourself, you save plenty of cash which you can invest in a lucrative venture. Consider it that you have a large family and you want your family to remain hydrated. This will negatively impact your finances. It doesn’t hurt to oversee the quality of what you consume.

In-home filtration of drinking water is a great way to transform your tap waters. By this, you get to enjoy disease free, toxin-free and healthy water. Get the best water filters in the markets to experience an exceptional lifestyle while you keep you and your family hydrated.