What size floor jack should you purchase

When looking for a floor jack there are many things to keep in mind. Floor jacks come in different sizes. A person should get the floor jack based on the size of the vehicle they are going to use it for. You can also read more here.

Standard Jack

The aluminum jack is the basic floor jack and can be used for some common this. There is a metal rod that is put into the back of the jack and then it is turned. When a person has their car at the height that they need it they can remove the rod. They will then perform a simple maintenance task on the car such as changing the oil or a tire. When they are done they can crank the jack back down. This jack is small enough to keep in the trunk of a car but it can lift regular size cars and even SUVs.

Bottle Jack

This jack can be used for changing tires on both cars and larger vehicles. Their jack can be used for many other purposes as well. The bottle jacks are placed at the needed location under the car and the rod is then used in a pump action to raise and lower the car to the desired height. It is easier for some to use than the aluminum jack and can be used on larger vehicles.

Adjustable Floor Jack

This floor jack uses hydraulics to lift larger vehicles including trucks. The jacks are flat on the floor and they come with different ratings. The higher the rating is the more tons they are able to live. Common types of these floor jacks can life between 2 and 4 tons. There are some that can lift up to 20 tons. The 20-ton lifts are mostly for commercial use. The common household uses the 2 to 4 tons are most cars and even trucks do not exceed that weight limit. Floor jacks can easily lift a vehicle off of the ground. This will allow a person to get right under it and make needed repairs.

Jack Stand

Some people find it easier to use the floor jack when they have a jack stand. This stand is a tripod that is placed under the vehicle. The frame of the vehicle will rest on this stand. This way the vehicle will not shift when a person is working on it. If the vehicle were to shift when a person is working on it, it can become damaged. A person can also get hurt. When purchasing a floor jack it is important to look at the weight rating and get the stand that is the correct weight for the jack that is going to be used.

These are some things that a person should look for when they are purchasing a floor jack. The jack will help a person work on their car. They need to get the right sized jack for the vehicle they are working on to make sure they are able to do the job safely