Camping can be fun but it can be such a headache as well. Its success depends on how you prepared for it. Here are some tips you need to remember once you get to the camp site:

  1. Keeping rain water out

Sometimes, the weather wouldn’t be too cooperative and you end up exposing yourself to the rain out in the wild. That is why you need to prepare well while the sun is up and the ground is still. So, to keep the rain water from pooling underneath your tent, better tuck your ground cloth’s edges under your tent to keep the dripping water on the tent’s rainfly out. You can also invest on a footprint. This is a ground cloth that is designed to fit the tent’s floor, not extending beyond the fly.

  1. In the absence of stakes

Your tent can still stand even without stakes. How? Simply use stuffed sacks by filling sacks with heavy rocks then attach them to the guylines. On the other hand, when camping at the beach, you can use sands instead of rocks. Fill in the sacks with sands then bury them.

  1. Always bring the right size of tent

You can’t be wrong when it comes to the size of the tent. It matters to know if you and your companion will fit inside. The last thing you would want to happen is squeezing yourselves inside the tent just to fit at night. The room must be big enough to make yourself comfortable. If you are going out as a couple, look for theĀ best tents for 2 people. This will be enough to fit two people but not too big to keep you warm and cozy inside.

  1. Packing a tent

When camping is over, it can be such a challenge to pack things up if you don’t know how to be efficient on this part. The mildew that has collected on the tent will make it smelly once packed wet. So, dry your tent first before packing it. If you have skipped the drying part, this doesn’t mean it’s too late to refresh the tent’s odor once again. Simply soak it in the tub that is full of water. There are certain products you can apply to remove the odor. Once done washing the tent, sun-dry it.

5. Travel light

You don’t have to bring everything you can think of when going out to camp. Besides, this activity is a test of your survival outside of your comfortable home. This is especially true if you need to hike very far before you get to your camping site. For your camp, the fly, poles, and footprints will do. Just don’t forget never to bring necessary things too like maintenance meds, food, water and many others.

It pays to ensure your safety during the entire camping activity. Simple things like applying mosquito repellents, wearing a good pair of boots and bringing maps and compass must never be forgotten.


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