Facts about Galactus that will Make You Compare Him to Thanos

Thanos is indeed an incredibly strong supernatural being in the Marvel universe but without Infinity Stones, Cosmic Cube, or the Heart of the Universe, can he go head-t0-head with Galactus? Who is Galactus? Is he comparable to Thanos? 


Galan or Galactus(The Devourer of Worlds) is a cosmic being with god-like superpowers. He is the last survivor of the Previous Universe before the Big Bang happened.

Galactus was born as a humanoid Galan on the planet Taa, a paradise-like planet with the highly advanced civilization on any planet known to the universe at that time. However, the Sixth Infinity, together with the other universes, was in its final stage of collapse into a new “Cosmic Egg”. Because of this, the “Big Crunch” was happening, producing lethal radiation, causing it to wipe out all of the life forms across the old universe.

Taa’s civilization, alongside other planets, is threatened.

Galan was dispatched to find a solution, but he found none. The radiation eventually killed almost all of the Taa. Galan suggested the remaining survivors, knowing their death is inevitable, that all die gloriously in their starship, flying directly toward the heart of the Cosmic Egg. As expected, every passenger was killed due to heat and radiation, strangely except Galan with new energy.

Facts about Galactus

  • His power is akin to a god

Galan, now known as Galactus, has survived the Big Crunch with new-filled energy. Thanks to the Phoenix Force of the dying universe, Galactus survived and became the balancing force between Eternity and Death.

Eternity and Death (two of the cosmic brothers)consider Galactus equal and sometimes treat him as their son, sibling, or husband.

And after Galactus woke up from billion years of slumber, he had complete mastery over the Power Cosmic, allowing him to alter reality or produce powers as he liked.

How powerful is he?

Strength level 

  • Possesses Class 100 strength
  • Able to lift anything over 100 tons
  • He can increase his strength using his powers
  • Immeasurable speed and stamina

Superhuman Powers

  • Immeasurable cosmic powers
  • Limitless god-like powers
  • Molecular Restructuring or Conversion of matter
  • Projection of energy
  • Teleportation through space and time
  • Immorality
  • Can absorb energy from planets or stars (this helps sustain his life)
  • Size-alteration
  • Can build near-impenetrable energy shields
  • Can raise a dead
  • Creation of life forms from nothing and recreation
  • Soul control and manipulation
  • Vitakenesis

Weakness and his defeat

Galactus is a cosmic genius and incredibly powerful and comparable to a god. The only weakness he has that can cause his defeat is his cosmic hunger. And because he considers himself above the moral concepts of good and evil, Galactus chose not to devour the entire life forms of planets or stars whenever he feels the intense need to satiate his hunger. Instead, he would keep his hunger for over a century until he is weakened. And his feedings had reduced over the millennia.

So, is Galactus stronger than Thanos?

It is undebatable that Galactus is far more powerful than Thanos. And only with the power of the Infinity Stones can Thanos conquer Galactus. You can check this galactus vs thanos to find out who is more powerful.

Galactus isn’t entirely evil; he is bound to the nature of the universe.

The SEO Trend and What to Expect

What does SEO have in store for your business in the future? Find out the top things you can expect from SEO and the latest digital marketing trend to improve your customer reaches and market visibility. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the many forms of digital marketing strategies. Among the existing digital marketing strategies, SEO is perhaps the most popular due to its low cost and efficiency. Most importantly, SEO is constantly evolving along with market trends and advancements in digital technology. Therefore, SEO is nowhere near losing its efficiency in helping businesses market their brand.

SEO’s future is quite promising. Google and other search engines constantly update their algorithms. And the best way for businesses to keep up with these changes is to guarantee that their SEO strategies stay fresh and competitive.

Are you curious about how SEO will look in the years to come? Keep an eye for an SEO strategy and the latest trends in digital marketing to stay on the top of search engine rankings.

 Get Started with First-Party Data Hub

Google plans to retire using third-party cookies. Completely abandoning third-party cookies means businesses have to focus on first-party data hubs. These are the data the company obtains firsthand to create a tailored marketing initiative.

Search engine partake a significant role in building a first-party data hub. Using effective SEO, you can build a better online presence and attract website visitors. Experts say right now is the best time to build on your first-party data hub before you get behind your competitors.

 SEO Video

While blog posts remain a vital part of SEO marketing, it is undeniable that many people prefer watching videos rather than reading a blog article. Videos provide a visual representation of the business and its products. Moreover, these contents are more engaging and comprehensive.

Begin including videos on your SEO strategy if you haven’t done it already. You can start by uploading videos through platforms like YouTube. However, make sure to create a quality SEO video to assure high search rankings.

SEO video is a play of effective use of SEO keywords, tagging, thumbnail, and many more. Thus, educate yourself first about SEO videos through reliable sources.

 Page Speed

No web page visitor would waste their time waiting for your webpage to load. A slow page load will make a dent in your business’ customer conversion rate.

Improving page speed is the next big agenda of SEO. A website must load fast so users can immediately find their desired content. Therefore, SEO launched a new program named Page Speed Optimization (PSO). This tool reduces the load time of a web page by decreasing page weight, server response time, reducing image size, network latency, and deferring loading scripts.

Mobile-Friendly SEO

Most websites are designed for traditional desktop browsing, which makes them incompatible with mobile searching. As a result, the website loses its layout and functionality, making it difficult for page visitors to navigate the website.

The rise in popularity of mobile use calls for a change in SEO browsing. The future of SEO will likewise focus more on delivering a mobile-friendly website. If you are planning to change your SEO strategy, make sure to include this feature.

Five Questions to Test Your Knowledge about the First Avenger

How well do you know Captain America? Test your knowledge about one of Marvel’s most beloved Avengers, Captain America, by answering these questions.

No Marvel fan won’t recognize Captain America. He is one of the most popular characters of the Marvel Universe and perhaps one of the well-loved heroes the universe has to offer.

The backstory of Captain America is one of the reasons why he was well-received among Marvel fans. Many look up to his resilience, principle, and sense of justice. The big-screen likewise did not subdue his admirable qualities. The character even gained more appreciation and love from new fans that first saw him in the Avengers movie.

As a Captain America enthusiast, how well do you know his character? Answer these questions to test your knowledge and learn more information about him.

Question 1: Who is the person behind the powerful Captain America? 

Steve Rogers is the alter-ego of Captain America. He is a poor orphan who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks during World War II. Despite the hardships he experienced, Steve Rogers remained a good-hearted person.

Steve enlisted in the army to help fight the Axis Powers. However, his small size and physique caused his rejection to the army. Professor Abraham Erskine saw potential from the scrawny Steve. He let him join the Project Rebirth – Professor Abraham’s experiment, which aims to enhance the human body to achieve powers.

Question 2: How did Steve Rogers become Captain America? 

Steve Rogers became a part of Erskine’s Project Rebirth. He let himself be subjected to a specialized serum and exposed to a unique form of radiation. The experiment became successful; the small-statured Steve became a muscular tall man with incredible strength and agility. He was the first fully developed Super-Soldier of Erskine.

Question 3: What are the Skills and Powers of Captain America? 

The primary power of Captain America is strength. He can lift to 800 pounds and bench press up to 1,100 pounds of weight. He also has speed above human capacity. He can run up to 30 mph, naming him the fastest ‘human’ on the planet.

The agility of reflexes of Captain America is not a joking matter. He likewise built immunity to almost every infection known to man, all thanks to the super-soldier serum.

Captain America is always seen with his shield. The shield is made out of vibranium and proto-adamantium. It is said to be indestructible. However, there were occasions where the shield was damaged. It happened during Thor and the Odin-force, Doctor Doom and the power of the Beyonder, and Thanos’ snap.

Question 4: When did Captain America First Appear in the Marvel Universe?

Captain America was created by writer Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby. His character debuted in March 1941 in the issue Captain America Comics No. 1.

On the other hand, his character appeared in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger, released in 2011. Under the direction of Joe Johnston, Captain America was played by Chris Evans.

Question 5: Did Captain America have a Sidekick? 

Both the comic and MCU introduced a character named Bucky Barnes. He is a kid who became Captain America’s sidekick in both universes.

Creating a Website: The Pros and Cons

There are several reasons to have a website for your business, especially if you have an online business. But do you need to create one? Check the pros and cons of creating a website.

To start an online business you need a website – either you build it or buy it – it is critical to the success of your business.

Truthfully, which is more ideal, is to build a website or buy one?

Undeniably, several website owners would agree that building a website is beneficial than buying one. However, even though you’ll find several advantages of creating a website for your online business, there are also disadvantages.

To make a wise decision, whether to build or buy a website, here is a list of the pros and cons of creating a website.


Low-cost investment

Building a website is less expensive than buying one. Someone working on your web logo, website’s theme, layout, and even its content, may cost a few thousand, compared to hundreds with creating your website on your own.

There are easy and inexpensive ways to create a website; there are free ways to build one. Several reliable web developing companies offer free website building. However, premium tools or themes will cost you a few dollars to add to your website.

You can start anytime

Quality web designers are very busy. So, hiring them as you like won’t be an easy task. However, if you create your website, you can start anytime. Also, you can tweak or change a few things on your site at your pace.

You can design your website

Since you know your business best, you can design your website according to your preferences or how you want the web users to navigate the site. Plus, you can take pride in what you have created.

High ROI (Return on Investment)

Learning how a website works while creating one allows you to gain higher ROI or Return on Investment. By building a website, you’ll learn how SEO works in a deeper sense than buying a website.

If you still need convincing try checking this website emilyandblair.com and find out the difference between building and buying a website.

You will encounter a lot of failures creating a website

It is no longer news that several successful website owners have experienced multiple mistakes in building a website, causing low SEO ranking and low ROI. So, before you start creating your website, make sure to learn how SEO works, what is a user-friendly web layout looks like, and what tools can be used to gain web visits or increase web traffic.

It will take time to increase traffic

Understandably, newly created websites won’t easily gain attention from web users, especially when the site does not have the elements that will attract attention.

Newly created sites by professional web designers are easy to gain traffic than DIY websites because these designers know how to build a website understand search engines well.


There are obvious advantages of creating your website, as well as disadvantages. If you want to build your website and make it known, you need to learn and understand how SEO works.

Building Customer Loyalty: A Guide to New Entrepreneurs in Getting Customers

How can a business create and build strong customer loyalty? What should a business do to earn it? Find out how on how to connect with your customers and earn their trust through this guide.

Customer is the one lifeline of businesses. Without consumers, no business would survive. It is why entrepreneurs tackle marketing strategies seriously. An impactful marketing tactic could drive customers into the business. However, why is it that many consumers leave and never came back?

 Defining Customer Loyalty 

Consumers tend to switch brands, and there are myriads of reasons behind it; for instance, consumers are often swayed by new products of well-established names. Meanwhile, some are encouraged to try other brands due to the celebrity endorsing them. Inasmuch, a company’s marketing strategy is one of the biggest factors that propel consumers to jump brands.

Though a huge fraction of the consumer base switches brands often, some are loyal to the brand. This relationship is called customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is the dream of many companies. It happens when customers provide immense value to the brand’s product or services. They buy goods the company sells consistently, which creates a more meaningful relationship between the consumer and the brand.

A high customer loyalty rating is beneficial to any business. Customer retention implies stable sales and revenues. Moreover, it means lesser effort on the business’s part in bringing in consumers. Thus, a company with high customer loyalty guarantees good sales every time they launch a new product.

How to Build Customer Loyalty 

Getting customers is challenging, especially for newly established businesses. Online sources like emilyandblair.com believe that attracting potential consumers is not easy, and creating customer loyalty is even tougher. But it is not impossible.

Customer loyalty is one of the factors that will determine a business’s survival. To build a strong connection between the consumers and the company, here are the things that must be observed.

#1 Top-Notch Customer Service 

Exceptional customer service is the first thing that attracts consumers and drives them to stay longer. A new business needs to establish a good impression and the best possible experience for consumers. And the best way to do it is by rendering top-notch customer service.

Good customer service is measured by how the business values its consumers. They respond quickly to customer requests and provide solutions to customer concerns. One way to deliver good customer service is by providing a customer support system.

#2 Emphasize on Company Values

Consumers usually lean towards companies with whom they share common values and sentiments. Thus, it is significant for a business to let their market segment understand the values of the brand and why it is worthy of customer loyalty. Make a stand that aligns with the consumer’s core values and be firm about these beliefs.

#3 Celebrate Customer Loyalty

Learn to show appreciation to customers. Studies show that giving value to consumer loyalty convinces consumers to stay with the brand. A business may show its appreciation by creating a loyalty program such as discounts, gift cards, and customer rewards.

6 Powerful Business Planning Hacks for Beginners

While several sources offer free tutorials on business planning, some of them are too technical for business rookies to understand. To make things easier, check out these powerful business planning hacks.

Opening a business – whether it is physical or virtual – begins with planning. A business plan is an indispensable tool in starting a business project. It provides the answers to common business questions and solutions to potential issues. In a nutshell, a business plan is an analysis of the business’ potential, opportunities, weaknesses, threats, and financial feasibility.

Creating a business plan allows you to foresee the business’ future and helps you to develop strategies necessary to convert potential threats into opportunities. It is your compass in navigating the industry. Inasmuch, a business plan is essential for any business project to survive and achieve goals.

While there are countless sources and free tutorials on the web teaching how to create a business plan, most of these are too technical and complex for neophytes. If you have no experience and knowledge in making a business plan, here are some tips to guide you in starting an online business by creating an effective business plan.

Focus on Business Function 

Some online sources and discussions on a business plan often center on making and seeking investment. While seeking investment is necessary for business growth, it is merely a special case. Business plans should focus on functions and operations. It must illustrate plans paramount in managing a business.

Exhibits Business Projections

Projections show genuine numbers about the business’s growth, as well as financial and economic feasibility. Even though these actual numbers are essential, you need to focus on the relationships between the spending priorities, sales, and growth.

A business plan must show the accurate correlation of the above aspects mentioned. Likewise, it must be solid and integrated to predict the business’s future and create contingency plans to circumvent potential problems.

Establish Strategies

One of the primary purposes of a business plan is to develop strategies and tactics for business growth. Thus, your business plan must establish and show unique strategies for business survival. Moreover, drawing tasks, milestones, and assumptions from these strategies will set your goals.

Monitors Growth

A business should also be capable of monitoring the business’s growth. Develop accountability and tracking when creating a plan. In this manner, you can monitor its progression and seek solutions to maintain its growth.

Reviewed and Revised 

A business plan is not created once. Not updating the business plan is a huge mistake that many companies are guilty of. All business plans are updated. It requires monthly reviews and revisions if necessary. By updating the business plan, your strategies, solutions, operations, and goals are updated as well. Take note that the industry is always changing. Hence, using the same business plan will gravely impact the business operations and growth.

Seek Advice 

If you are at loss on how to begin creating a business plan, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a professional. There are many free sources online that can guide you in the process. Also, you can hire an expert to help you learn more about business planning and how to create an effective business plan.

Top Common Mistakes When Buying a Used Car Abroad

Are you planning to purchase a used car abroad? Even though it is a smart investment, some found themselves regretful investing in one.

Purchasing a new or used car abroad involves a lot of paper works. Also, it consumes a lot of your time and effort. However, if you have successfully purchased the car on your bucket list, new or used, all your efforts become worth it. But what makes others think otherwise?

If you are thinking about purchasing a used car from abroad and if it is your first time do so, check these top mistakes that you need to avoid before you buy a used car from a foreign country:

#1: Buying a car based on looks

A vehicle’s aesthetics does not always imply quality and convenience. When you purchase a used vehicle from abroad, never base your decision solely on its looks. Try to assess the car’s specifications and the advantages of investing in one, especially when purchasing an expensive vintage car as a part of your new collection.

#2: Not checking the vehicle history report

Before agreeing on the terms and conditions of purchasing a used car, you need to check the vehicle history report because overlooking such a task might make you regretful.

The vehicle history report will tell you essential data, including the manufacture details, data about the vehicle’s repairs, remodeling or overhaul, wreckage due to accident, and stolen car. If you are unable to get the data from the seller, try using a Chassis checker or VIN lookup.

A Chassis number and VIN are two unique numbers that link to one vehicle. Vehicles manufactured not later than 1989 are known as Chassis number, but were later changed to VIN. The chassis number or the VIN is often found at the chassis area or the dashboard, or the driver’s side door.

To get the vehicle’s history report, use the chassis number checker by filling up the chassis number in the search bar. If you have VIN, use a VIN lookup.

#3: Forgetting about the Customs Check

Since you are purchasing a used car from abroad, always complete the right documents. If you are new to this, you need to check the customs regarding foreign car purchases. Apply and pay for full customs clearance on the vehicle you have purchased abroad.

If you are bringing the vehicle anywhere in Europe from a non-Europe state, you must check the customs if there is a different requirement that you need to comply with.

Also, it is better to check the needed requirements at the Customs before purchasing the car to ensure you are not missing anything.

Final Thoughts

Buying a vehicle abroad is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider and paperwork to do. However, buying one from a foreign country is a good investment, either a new vehicle or a used one.

Lastly, to avoid regrets about purchasing the car, make sure to check the vehicle’s history and specifications. Choose a vehicle not by its appearance but by its quality and the benefits you’ll get from investing in one.

Top 3 Small-Business Ideas that Requires Low Starting Funds

Did you know that you can start a small business using limited funds? Find it how here.

Starting a business requires not only a concrete and stable business plan but also enough funds.

There are a lot of individuals who are interested to start a business. The problem is, some are afraid to start one, perceiving that failure to generate profit will hurt them financially. Others, on the other hand, are thinking big but have limited funds.

But did you know that you can start a small business using low start-up funds? Check out these top small-business ideas that might help you with your business idea.

#1: Try dropshipping business

Dropshipping is one of the smartest business moves for individuals with very limited funds since it does not require an actual store or bulking of products to sell.

In dropshipping, you need to find your niche; the right products to sell to the right audience. Then, make listings in an e-marketplace that allows dropshipping. The next thing you need to do is find a reliable supplier that will help you with your dropshipping business. The suppliers, on the other hand, will do the packaging and the delivery of the product directly to the customer.

Your role in dropshipping is to create listings on the e-market, promote your business, and look for a supplier; then, let the supplier do the rest. In other words, you do not need to spend money to get an actual store and buy bulks of products to sell.

#2: Graphic designing

If you love to do some designs, try becoming a freelance graphic designer. There is a wide range of opportunities in graphic design. It gives you a wide audience with the following services:

  • Creating logos
  • Making brochures
  • T-shirt graphics
  • Creating infographics
  • Making and printing flyers
  • Creating hero images
  • Designing Instagram graphics

In this business, you do not need an actual store, but you have to invest in a well-programmed computer and the skill to promote your business.

#3: Selling home-made goods and handicrafts online

Selling homemade goods and handicrafts is one of the successful low-budget businesses these past few years, especially when everyone went to quarantine due to the pandemic? If you have the nice of making homemade goods or handicrafts, such as baked goods (cake, cookies, and other pastries), soap, candles, and more, why not use it as an opportunity to generate profit? It does not require an actual store since you can do it at home, and you do not need to spend too much on items you probably have at home. However, if you need to make your business more impressive than your competitors, you need to invest in quality equipment and tools that will help build up your business.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business is not an easy task for everyone since it requires time, effort, and money. However, if you have the confidence and a well-researched business plan, you can become successful even if you have limited start-up business funds.

3 Essential Guitar Maintenance that will Keep Your Guitar Look and Sound Great

To keep a guitar look and sound great at all times requires periodic maintenance. How? Check it out here.

Like several other musical instruments, the guitar needs proper maintenance to ensure that it will perform well and will last for several years. Although there are tough-built guitars that can withstand several wear and tears, several acoustic guitars have delicate materials that require periodic maintenance.

If you are currently learning how to play the guitar, you should also have some time to learn how to take care of it. So, here are 3 essential guitar maintenances that will keep your guitar look and sound great:

#1: Store the guitar properly

If not in use, you should store your guitar properly.

Place the guitar inside its case to maintain the right humidity level. Take note that several guitars are prone to damage and warping due to temperature changes and exposure to the inconsistent humidity level. Keep the guitar at 45 – 50 percent humidity level. You may choose a gig bag. In fact, it is one of the essential accessories, according to Ted’s List.

Keep your guitar in a safe location. Consider purchasing a guitar stand to keep your guitar from being knocked down. Also, placing your guitar on a guitar stand is aesthetically secure.

#2: Learn how to clean your guitar properly

Always keep your guitar clean; this will prevent the guitar’s hardware from tarnish and damage.

Here is how you clean your guitar at home:

  • Prepare your cleaning materials such as soft cloth, some water, guitar polish, and glass cleaner.
  • Remove the strings; this will make the cleaning easier.
  • Clean the fretboard using fine steel wool to remove dirt or gunk, especially on Rosewood, Pau Ferro, and Ebony fretboard. And then, apply lemon oil to promote re-hydration. However, if your guitar’s fretboard is made from Maplewood, you need to use a damp cloth.
  • Clean the guitar’s body using a clean cloth with a little bit of water.
  • Clean the bridge of the fretboard, which is located below the soundhole that supports the strings of the guitar. Gently, scrub off dirt, dust, and grime from your guitar.
  • Using a clean cloth and glass cleaner and polish, wipe off the dirt on the tuning keys.
  • Polish your pickups and the guitar’s body, as needed.
  • Re-attach the strings back to the guitar.
  • Wipe the guitar strings using a string cleaner.
  • Change the string if needed.
  • Keep it dry and store it back in its protective case to avoid dirt and grime after the maintenance.

#3: Play your guitar with clean hands

One of the essential things to do when playing the guitar is to play it with clean hands. Unnoticeably, there are grease, grime, and dirt present on your hands. So, to keep your guitar in the best condition, always play your guitar with clean hands.

If your guitar needs thorough maintenance or repair, you should look for a craftsman or a guitar luthier.

Sentence Fragment: What is it? How to Fix it?

A complete sentence is a good sentence; it has no room for sentence fragments.

What is a sentence fragment?
A sentence fragment is a group of words that does not express a complete thought. It is missing a subject or a verb, which makes an incomplete sentence. Even though it may begin with a capital letter and contain punctuation, which looks like a sentence, it is still not considered a complete sentence.

A sentence fragment does not contain a main clause. It is missing essential components that make it a complete thought.

What is the main clause?

The main clause (also called an independent clause, base clause, or superordinate clause) is a group of words that consists of a subject and a predicate. And it expresses a complete concept.

How to spot a sentence fragment?

Generally, if a sentence’s key elements are missing (subject, predicate, and a complete thought) and if the reader is left hanging without the sense of full thought, you can identify a sentence as a fragmented one.

Here is a list of characteristics that makes a sentence fragment and their examples:

1. Missing subject
Example: Jumped over the lazy dog.
Who jumped over the lazy dog?

Correct: The fox jumped over the lazy dog.

2. Missing verb or using the wrong verb

Example: The fox over the lazy dog.

What did the fox do? Is the sentence expressing that the fox is over the lazy dog?

Correct: The fox jumped over the lazy dog.

3. Participle phrases

Example: Surprised by the flower.

Who was surprised? Or did the flower surprise someone? The thought of the sentence becomes illogical, which is why you need to complete the sentence.

Correct: Surprised by the flower, my mother was speechless.

4. Subordinators or Relative clause

Example: Although Greg was scared.

Greg was scared about what? A clause that starts with subordinators or relative pronoun can’t stand alone, thus, classified as a dependent clause.

Correct: Although Greg was scared, he stood up to fight for his rights.

5. Abandoned claus

Example: It was dark in the house.

What happened then? An abandoned clause is putting the reader hanging and confused.

Correct: It was dark in the house when I saw a ghost.

6. Appositives

Example: The most generous student in the class.
Who was the most generous student? An appositive is a noun phrase that defines or explains the preceding noun or pronoun. And since it lacks action verbs or any clarifying information, appositives can’t stand alone as a complete sentence.

Correct: The most generous student in the class is the person sitting at the back.

How to Turn a Sentence Fragment into a Complete Sentence?

  • Read the sentence carefully and spot any sentence fragment. However, if you are having a hard time doing so, you may use sentence fragment checker – a grammar checker tool that can help you big time.
  • Revise the sentence by completing what is missing.
  • Rewrite the passage if it needs to.
  • Read again to ensure that the sentence is complete.