Some jurisdictions may prohibit its use, or would at least restrict its consumption. The fact that it is allowed with limited use comes with a heavy price: there is a stigma against its use, and it also contributes to it being hard to acquire in places where the government in charge may have allowed its use. We’re talking about cannabis.

If you’re in Canada, you don’t need to worry if you wanted to obtain some; cannabis had been legalized both for medical and recreational purposes since 2001. While there are a lot of sources of information about cannabis and other similar products available on the internet, there are only some that can give you more, specifically, information about getting the best variants of the product, and tips on how to roll one’s joint.

Enter Shadedco. A repository of information about all things you need to know about grass, Shadedco hosts a wide variety of unbiased information that you need to know about cannabis, its products, dispensaries, accessories needed, and more. The site is an excellent place to start when checking out on cannabis products in Canada.

Access to online sources

Something that can be mass-produced has to maintain a certain level of quality. Shadedco is a portal to reputed online dispensaries, or stores, for cannabis in Canada. It is to make sure that you’ll get the best deals out there. The site also offers coupons that you may avail of when you buy cannabis through a source featured in their site. They also offer some reviews about the dispensaries in order to give you more input about where to buy.

CBD oil and others

Cannabidiol is an ingredient in cannabis, and makes up the bulk of it. People have derived products out of this, out of the purported benefits it gives. Shadedco lays out for you notable CBD products, especially oil. The products featured here that are sold by online vendors include cartridges and CBD products for pets.

Accessories and gear

One cannot be expected to enjoy weed all by itself right? Shadedco showcases what they think are the best accessories that you’ll probably need to enjoy your roll of joint. Coupled by reviews, you are sure to know what you need to know on the gear featured in their site so that you’ll have little to doubt. The products featured include vaporizers, odor-proof containers, and even detoxifiers to get the grass out of your system.

How-to’s of cannabis

Whether you’re a regular user or someone who is feeling his or her way in the use of pot, Shadedco has guides for your perusal. Notable entries in their list of how-to’s include ways to smoke your joint in an apartment, supply consumption and management, and even ways to throw in cannabis into your brownies!


Shadedco’s website is neatly laid out, despite having their displays that seem to take up at least half of your screen. One cannot help but notice, however, that their features are likewise placed conveniently on the top portion of their site, making your site experience with them better. Backing up their product and dealer listings with reviews is also a good point. The only thing that seems to be lacking is a means to contact them.

Wherever you are in Canada, with Shadedco, you are never too far away from getting to roll that joint. It also comes with a complete package of things that you’ll need and have to know about your hobby. Check out today to get started!

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