There is customer service, and there is good customer service. Both are the same, but not quite, since a wealth of difference separates the two. Customer service can be described as so-so. Good customer service, on the other hand, is identified by the following:


Patience on the part of agents


Customers call customer care hotlines for a number of reasons. But there are times when particular information escapes them or their frustration because a botched service gets the better of them. Hence, they take this out on the person at the other end of the line. Agents should be understanding and patiently listen to customers as they vent.




Some customers talk a mile a minute, expecting agents to absorb everything in one go. Being attentive means getting the gist of what the customer is trying to say and not having to ask the caller to repeat every bit of information he just spewed.


Clear communication skills


Agents should choose the words they’ll use when speaking to a customer wisely. It’s important to address the concerns of customers as soon as possible and avoid unintentionally offending callers through the use of wrong words.


Product knowledge


Customers expect the agent to know everything, so agents must, to the best of their capacities, be able to provide whatever the customers need. An agent doesn’t need to transfer the call to a different department “that will be better equipped to answer” the customer if he has sufficient product knowledge.


Emotional intelligence


Agents are expected to display high emotional intelligence when dealing with customers. They should be able to recognize how their moods can have a bearing on how they deal their clients. They should be able to control themselves to avoid disruptive consequences, as well as think before they do something they’ll regret later on. They should be able to empathize with customers, to feel and understand the cause of customers’ frustration or ire.


Why, though, are these being discussed? Well, many customers have the unfortunate experience of coming face-to-face with customer care agents who are anything but the above-mentioned. More often than not, customers get subjected to rudeness, and if you’re a customer who’s spent minutes on the line trying to get a hold of a human agent, being treated rudely can be frustrating. While that should never be the case, it’s something that can’t be helped. Until now, no one can seem to find the reasons why customers end up at their wits’ end after a customer care call.


Now, Canada’s 2Shay expects to turn things around for customers by being the first consumer-centered community that aims to help people get fast and effective customer care support. 2Shay has reviews of over 50 companies operating in Canada, and these reviews feature everything a customer needs to know about a particular business.


Starbucks, Virgin Mobile, Instagram, Lululemon, and Canadian Freightways are just some of the companies reviewed by 2Shay. They have provided ratings after a careful assessment of the knowledge, professionalism, response time, and helpfulness of customer care agents, as well as the overall satisfaction of customers. The information helps other customers to have a feel of what they should expect from the customer care service of the companies.


In a nutshell, 2Shay’s goal is to help customers get the right information they need when they need it and get the service they deserve.

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