Facts about Galactus that will Make You Compare Him to Thanos

Thanos is indeed an incredibly strong supernatural being in the Marvel universe but without Infinity Stones, Cosmic Cube, or the Heart of the Universe, can he go head-t0-head with Galactus? Who is Galactus? Is he comparable to Thanos? 


Galan or Galactus(The Devourer of Worlds) is a cosmic being with god-like superpowers. He is the last survivor of the Previous Universe before the Big Bang happened.

Galactus was born as a humanoid Galan on the planet Taa, a paradise-like planet with the highly advanced civilization on any planet known to the universe at that time. However, the Sixth Infinity, together with the other universes, was in its final stage of collapse into a new “Cosmic Egg”. Because of this, the “Big Crunch” was happening, producing lethal radiation, causing it to wipe out all of the life forms across the old universe.

Taa’s civilization, alongside other planets, is threatened.

Galan was dispatched to find a solution, but he found none. The radiation eventually killed almost all of the Taa. Galan suggested the remaining survivors, knowing their death is inevitable, that all die gloriously in their starship, flying directly toward the heart of the Cosmic Egg. As expected, every passenger was killed due to heat and radiation, strangely except Galan with new energy.

Facts about Galactus

  • His power is akin to a god

Galan, now known as Galactus, has survived the Big Crunch with new-filled energy. Thanks to the Phoenix Force of the dying universe, Galactus survived and became the balancing force between Eternity and Death.

Eternity and Death (two of the cosmic brothers)consider Galactus equal and sometimes treat him as their son, sibling, or husband.

And after Galactus woke up from billion years of slumber, he had complete mastery over the Power Cosmic, allowing him to alter reality or produce powers as he liked.

How powerful is he?

Strength level 

  • Possesses Class 100 strength
  • Able to lift anything over 100 tons
  • He can increase his strength using his powers
  • Immeasurable speed and stamina

Superhuman Powers

  • Immeasurable cosmic powers
  • Limitless god-like powers
  • Molecular Restructuring or Conversion of matter
  • Projection of energy
  • Teleportation through space and time
  • Immorality
  • Can absorb energy from planets or stars (this helps sustain his life)
  • Size-alteration
  • Can build near-impenetrable energy shields
  • Can raise a dead
  • Creation of life forms from nothing and recreation
  • Soul control and manipulation
  • Vitakenesis

Weakness and his defeat

Galactus is a cosmic genius and incredibly powerful and comparable to a god. The only weakness he has that can cause his defeat is his cosmic hunger. And because he considers himself above the moral concepts of good and evil, Galactus chose not to devour the entire life forms of planets or stars whenever he feels the intense need to satiate his hunger. Instead, he would keep his hunger for over a century until he is weakened. And his feedings had reduced over the millennia.

So, is Galactus stronger than Thanos?

It is undebatable that Galactus is far more powerful than Thanos. And only with the power of the Infinity Stones can Thanos conquer Galactus. You can check this galactus vs thanos to find out who is more powerful.

Galactus isn’t entirely evil; he is bound to the nature of the universe.