3 Essential Guitar Maintenance that will Keep Your Guitar Look and Sound Great

To keep a guitar look and sound great at all times requires periodic maintenance. How? Check it out here.

Like several other musical instruments, the guitar needs proper maintenance to ensure that it will perform well and will last for several years. Although there are tough-built guitars that can withstand several wear and tears, several acoustic guitars have delicate materials that require periodic maintenance.

If you are currently learning how to play the guitar, you should also have some time to learn how to take care of it. So, here are 3 essential guitar maintenances that will keep your guitar look and sound great:

#1: Store the guitar properly

If not in use, you should store your guitar properly.

Place the guitar inside its case to maintain the right humidity level. Take note that several guitars are prone to damage and warping due to temperature changes and exposure to the inconsistent humidity level. Keep the guitar at 45 – 50 percent humidity level. You may choose a gig bag. In fact, it is one of the essential accessories, according to Ted’s List.

Keep your guitar in a safe location. Consider purchasing a guitar stand to keep your guitar from being knocked down. Also, placing your guitar on a guitar stand is aesthetically secure.

#2: Learn how to clean your guitar properly

Always keep your guitar clean; this will prevent the guitar’s hardware from tarnish and damage.

Here is how you clean your guitar at home:

  • Prepare your cleaning materials such as soft cloth, some water, guitar polish, and glass cleaner.
  • Remove the strings; this will make the cleaning easier.
  • Clean the fretboard using fine steel wool to remove dirt or gunk, especially on Rosewood, Pau Ferro, and Ebony fretboard. And then, apply lemon oil to promote re-hydration. However, if your guitar’s fretboard is made from Maplewood, you need to use a damp cloth.
  • Clean the guitar’s body using a clean cloth with a little bit of water.
  • Clean the bridge of the fretboard, which is located below the soundhole that supports the strings of the guitar. Gently, scrub off dirt, dust, and grime from your guitar.
  • Using a clean cloth and glass cleaner and polish, wipe off the dirt on the tuning keys.
  • Polish your pickups and the guitar’s body, as needed.
  • Re-attach the strings back to the guitar.
  • Wipe the guitar strings using a string cleaner.
  • Change the string if needed.
  • Keep it dry and store it back in its protective case to avoid dirt and grime after the maintenance.

#3: Play your guitar with clean hands

One of the essential things to do when playing the guitar is to play it with clean hands. Unnoticeably, there are grease, grime, and dirt present on your hands. So, to keep your guitar in the best condition, always play your guitar with clean hands.

If your guitar needs thorough maintenance or repair, you should look for a craftsman or a guitar luthier.