Best Camera Drones for Beginners

Are you a photographer or an artist who loves to take photos and videos through drones?  Or are you just a hobbyist who just love to fly and operate drones? If you are a beginner who wants to explore drone flying, then this article is for you.

Camera drones are a perfect investment if you are an artist, photographer, and even simple hobbyist. Through camera drones, you can take different photos and videos of breathtaking and dangerous shots that only camera drones can make it happen. Thus, in this article, you will find the lists of best camera drones that are perfect and highly recommended for beginners like you.

Force1 U49C Red Heron Camera Drone – when we say of Force1 drones, they are popularly known in making quality camera drones. This U49C Red Heron comes with a 720P HD video that can take 120 degrees wide angle settings. It has also SD card to store images and videos for easy upload to your social media. It also offers three different speed levels features that can fly 15 minutes when it is charged fully. This is best for beginners as it offers features like flight assist features, one-key takeoff and landing, headless modes, and altitude hold features. Price range is nearly $100 that is good compared to buy premium camera drones for beginners.

HASAKEE H1 FPV Drone Camera – If you are a fan of FPV drone camera, then this HASAKEE H1 is best for you. Easy to practice and recommended for beginners because it has a 6-axis gyro stabilization system that makes a stable fly experience. Recommended only for short term FPV drone racing because it can fly not more than 5 minutes in the air. It can be connected through the provided apps that you can control it in your smartphone through the gravity sensor mode. You can simply move your smartphone to the specific position that you want.

Potensic U42WH Drone Camera – Affordable camera drones in just $40. It can be connected to your smartphone through the Flyingsee app that can document the real-time shots. It has also one-touch takeoff and landing feature that is easy to operate. It also offers emergency stop button feature that you can easily shut it down to prevent from crashing and further damaged. Does not require to register in the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration that means it is ready to be used all the time.

These are just examples of the best camera drones for beginners. If you want to find more lists of it, you can check out more details at In choosing the best beginner drone with a camera,  always put in mind your budget, your goals, and mostly the do’s and don’ts and flying your drones. It means that you should explore more of its features and uses before you use it for your advantage. If you want to learn how these drones operate, there’s a tutorial on the website of You can check them out and enjoy learning and exploring drones reviews and tutorials.