What You Should Know About Tube Amps Before You Buy One

If you haven’t bought a tube amplifier so far but you really need one quick, then you should do some additional reading on a few details. It is important to know a few details before you buy a tube amp as it is thanks to them that you will wisely spend your money in the end. The selection available on the market is very wide and I know that it is only with the help of a few comparisons and some reviews that you’ll be able to make a good choice. The experts at Top Tube Amplifier have detailed reviews for some of the best products now on the market so check out these reviews before you make your choice. You will see how useful they will prove to be!

So, what exactly is important for you to know prior to buying a tube amplifier? First of all, you need to understand that tube amplifiers are very loud. The name actually says it all. The wattage of tube amplifiers is rated completely differently from how a solid state amplifier is rated, so this is an important detail. If you want the tube amplifier only to practice at home, then even a 5 watt tube can be too loud, especially if you practice at night. Our recommendation is to go for a 1 watt tube. Secondly, tube amps are voiced differently. Tube amps have a very specific voice so we think that it is best for you to test one before you actually buy it. And since we’re talking about testing, bring your own guitar; don’t use one from the store. If you do that, then you might have a surprise at home and discover that the tube amplifier actually sounds differently. Of course, you’ve been using a different guitar to test it!

Last but not least we think that it is very important for you to have an exact idea about what it is that you are searching for prior to beginning the actual shopping session. What types of effects are you looking for? Do you have any preferences or special needs on features and characteristics? Do you want a single channels or is it that you would do better with switchable channels? These are all details to consider before you check out the selection available on the market, so please make sure that you don’t ignore or oversee them.

Now, for things to become even easier for you, we recommend you to check out the official website of the experts at Top Tube Amplifier. These guys are professionals who are happy to share their knowledge as well as their experience with you. They put together detailed reviews for some of the best products now on the market so all you have to do is to read these and select the one that best matches your needs and preferences. There are plenty of good options available on the market; you just have to find the right one.