Lift Chair Buying Guide: Understanding the Repositioning Options

Are you ready to buy a lift chair for your elderly loved one or someone close to you who has limited mobility? Well, you should not only look for the designs of the chair, but you need also to consider the repositioning options. Did you know that there are lift chairs that have more than three position options? When selecting a lift chair you should know that there is more than just reclining the backrest and lifting the footrest. So, to fully understand the repositioning options, below are the most positions that you can ask for when buying a lift chair.

  1. The Two Position Lift Chair

The two-position lift chair has a mechanical lift and reclines functions that can provide a relaxing position. It can recline up to 45 degrees, a perfect way to enjoy watching a movie or a tv series. Additionally, this chair can be repositioned, not only by straight or by a slight recline, but you can also adjust them in between. In other words, this chair allows positions such as the lifting position, the sitting position, and the 45 degree-reclining position.

  1. The Three Position Lift Chair

This lift chair position is one position further than the two-position lift chair, wherein it can reach a nearly full recline. This chair can help the patient or the user to stand by themselves and is capable of adjusting the chair in a more relaxing recline position. Additionally, while the backrest reclines, the footrest on the other hand inclines. Again, this chair does not limit itself to three positions, it can be adjusted in-between the straight and the almost fully reclined position. Thus, this chair allows positions such as lifting, sitting, and the near full recline position.

  1. The Infinite Position Lift Chair

This infinite position lift chair allows you to recline to the fullest. In other words, you can adjust the chair to a flat position. It comes with two different sets of motors for the backrest and the footrest, which means, you can adjust the backrest and the footrest separately.

So, the main features of this chair are, it allows positions such as the lift, sit, it has independent controls for the backrest and the footrest, it can be reclined efficiently, you can use it as a bed since it has a flat position. Other positions such as the Trendelenburg position and Zero-Gravity positions are also possible. The Trendelenburg position is where you can adjust the backrest in a slant position. The head part of the chair is adjusted below the heart and the legs. This position is often used for emergency medical situation, that needs the blood circulation be changed.

The Zero-gravity , on the other hand, is a position where the lower legs are higher than the torso. This position reduces pressure and stress on the spine and to relieve discomfort and pain in the back. The lift chair can offer you several sitting positions that are helpful to individuals who have limited mobility. All you need to do is buy the right lift chair or you can read some in-depth reviews of lift chairs at a reliable website.