Your Bathroom Floor Plan Can Make or Break the Deal

Renovating a bathroom may or may not be expensive. It all depends on the floor plan you’ll follow as you start the project. The floor plan can make or break the deal for you since it has to satisfy your requirements for aesthetics and utility. Maybe your general idea includes sparkling glass tiles, elegant lavatory, and a magnificent bathtub. However, you remain undecided on how to transform these dreams into a real stunning bathroom you and your family can be happy about.

A typical bathroom consists of a toilet, sink, and bathtub. Most homes have these basic components while others have extra installations such as a shower and bidet. When thinking of renovating or building another bathroom in the house, it is important to consider such factors as comfort, safety, and utility. Looking at many bathroom floor plans can be confusing as to which one to choose. Generally, these are the most common types of bathroom layouts to take into account:

Customized Bathrooms

If you want the bathroom to be adaptive to your style, choose a custom bathroom with built-in cabinets and countertops installed according to your preference. A custom bathroom consists of fixtures usually found in regular bathrooms but given a different twist. If you check out this post, you’ll see that modern bathrooms shower panels with large rainfall shower heads that make for a refreshing bath time. Read it so you’ll have an idea what would look good in your renovated bathroom.

Wet Rooms

A bathroom of this layout is composed of one whole area with no enclosure. The shower extends throughout the space; thus, the entire area gets wet when water flows. This kind of layout requires the whole room to be completely waterproofed.

Attached Bathroom

This type of bathroom is built within the proximity to the bedroom. It is practical to have a window in the bathroom to let natural air to come in otherwise moisture build up becomes a problem. If it is not possible, an exhaust fan may be installed. Noise is another bothersome issue especially during toilet flushing and tank refilling. At times, a foul odor may emit through the bathroom door into the bedroom.

Before a new bathroom can be installed, it is necessary to remove all the old fixtures. Ideally, the work must proceed in the following order:

  • Installing new plumbing system, which may involve rerouting or providing new extensions
  • Rewiring to fit the new location or addition of new equipment
  • Installation of the bathtub and the shower tray
  • Connecting the base of the shower valve to the wall
  • Installation of the toilet, sink, shower, and cubicle
  • Laying out of floor and wall tiles, or painting, if no tiles are to be installed
  • Installation of electrical items such as lighting fixtures, switches, and outlets
  • Completion of finishing touches like joint sealing and grouting

A functional bathroom to serve the family can be achieved for a space as small as 5′ x 8′ in dimension. This involves taking down a large closet or dividing a larger room to accommodate the new bathroom. There are several bathroom floor plans designed for small areas that can easily fit in all the basic fixtures. Always include some space for the medicine cabinet and for storing few linens and toilet supplies. Make sure the new bathroom is sufficiently ventilated and illuminated.


Wellness Bliss: The Effects of Kahuna Massage to Your Health

Words about the goodness of shiatsu massage are all over the internet. Several health magazines have been talking regarding the wonderful aspect of this therapeutic massage. Thus, the staggering demand for shiatsu including massage chairs which offers this technique is not very much surprising given its popularity on the web.


Shiatsu is no longer a news. Do you know that there is one massage technique that can offer more benefits for your health? Kahuna massage also called as Lomi-lomi originated from Hawaii. The “huna” in Kahuna means “secret knowledge” and the person who practices this art is called Kahuna. This massage therapy is a form of healing arts. It is a traditional approach for Hawaiin natives to rejuvenate their body and eradicate diseases caused by stress. The Kahuna massage involves the rhythmic use of palms, fingers, wrists, and forearms. Some spa and practitioners of this art use music as well as scented candles and oils to let their customers reach a peaceful state of mind.


The Health Benefits of Kahuna


The purpose of Kahuna is to stimulate the vital organs by pressing the pressure points in the body. This massage method is known to heal both minor and chronic illnesses. In fact, Hawaiian locals have been utilizing this therapy to treat bowel syndrome, headache, and respiratory problems. However, aside from these benefits, Kahuna has more to offer in boosting your wellness. Here are the different amazing therapeutic effects of kahuna massage.


1. Enhances blood circulation


You can ease the knots in your muscles that block your blood from passing through with kanuha massage. This therapy uses various types of strokes that let the blood flow efficiently all throughout the body. Therefore, Kanuha massage helps oxygenation and prevents stroke and heart attacks which are caused by poor blood circulation.


2. Boosts immunity


Kanuha massage supports in improving your immune system. Thus, if your body has a healthy immune system, you have fewer chances of getting diseases caused by foreign bodies that enter your system.


3. Improved mental health


Stress and depression are what causes your serotonin to drop significantly. Massages help in improving the serotonin levels in your body. This neurotransmitter is responsible for your mood, focus, and motivation to do things. On the other hand, it also stimulates the production of endorphin which causes you to feel happy and relaxed.


4. Treats back pain, joint pain, and muscle soreness


If you want to have a good posture or live a life without suffering from back and joint pains, what you need is a good kahuna massage experience. This type of massage contributes quick healing of injuries as well as back pains and joint pains which is common among adults and elders. Do you want to experience for yourself of what Kahuna massage can offer? Visit the for quality massage chairs with Kahuna features. The Massage Tut is an informative site which provides details on the latest features of massage chairs. Moreover, they provide a buying guide to give assistance in choosing the leading massage chairs on the market today.