Several Things You Have to Know About Promotional Products

Giving freebies or promotional products is a proven, effective marketing strategy to promote awareness for a certain brand or product. Considering the increasing number of brands and businesses aiming to establish themselves in the market these days, thinking out of the box is definitely essential to be able to attract the attention of your target audience. The following are several important things you have to know about promo items and how they can be used to a business’ full advantage:

Utilizing the services of a company that is well known in the promotional merchandising sector can help you study the present trends in the market and assess the current state of competition among brands and companies. They can give you sound advice regarding which promo merchandise will be greatly suitable for your target market depending on their particular characteristics, demands, and interests. The company can also help you put more value on your promotional products so they can be more useful not only to your target market but also in your advertising campaign on the whole.

Practical and useful items like umbrellas, bags, desk clocks, writing instruments, flash disks, and desk calendars are items commonly given as promotional loots. Wearable stuff such as hats and shirts, ribbon and badges, as well as food, is frequently used as giveaway, too. However, you need to keep in mind that the item you’ll give to your clients should be something they wouldn’t hold back from using. For instance, if your business is related to the coffee industry, why not give away travel mugs or tumblers that clients can use for some serious caffeine fixing? If you check out these IBEX tumbler reviews, you’ll see that the tumblers are able to hold 30 oz. of steaming coffee, and with a protective lid on it, clients can take their coffee anywhere they go. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s long-lasting. In addition, you never have to worry about BPA contamination since the tumbler is BPA-free.

Promo items can help in boosting your business’ popularity. As different studies prove, a brand’s increased popularity to a selected market can be attributed to the company’s giving away of freebies. The image or market reputation of the brand or company can also be significantly improved through various promo giveaways. This can help as a reinforcement promotional strategy to promote existing products and business solutions. In addition, it is also considered as a proven, effective method when it comes to introducing a new business solution or product in the market. Even sales lead generation can also be positively affected by this strategy.

Many companies and businesses spend lots of money on their freebies or promotional products. While you can see a lot of possible giveaway items in the market, always aim to be cautious and practical on your decision-making. Asking advice from a reliable company in the promotional merchandise industry can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and make the most out of your business resources at the same time.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Massage Chair

Are you in the process of shopping for a massage chair? Well, you are about to make a major investment so may as well do your best to make it right. Unlike buying groceries and clothes, it can be such a challenge to look for the right model of a massage chair. But reading reviews like those found in will surely help you make the right purchasing decision.


Below are some of the factors you need to consider when buying a massage chair:




The quality of the massage chair is not determined through its price. Hence, it does not mean that a more expensive brand will always be better than its cheaper counterpart. You can always scout for a brand that is more affordable but still offers the best quality. Although you might sacrifice some features of the product, it doesn’t mean that the more affordable type can’t offer you the relaxing and invigorating experience that you have always longed for. In fact, there are massage chairs that are only sold for $500 to $1,000. This is still a less expensive option than spending a hundred dollar in spa parlors all the time. There are even big online stores that offer these products with big discount offers. This is especially true during Christmas season and Black Friday.




Be mindful about the chair’s brand. Companies who have invested in the quality of their products will do everything to satisfy their clients. Hence, they will work hard to sustain the high quality of their products and retain the good reputation that they have earned over the years. Some of these brands include Osaki, Inada, Panasonic and Human Touch iJoy. When it comes to massage chairs, Japanese manufacturers lead the industry for some time now and the rest are still catching up. Most of all, reputable companies offer good customer service.


Model Date


When it comes to design and technology, the latest model brands will always take the lead. It works similarly with gadgets and cell phones. The most current models are equipped with the latest features in massage chairs as well. So, if shopping online, check out their release dates too.




There can be so many features that you can choose from but only narrow down your selections to those that you need most. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to spend on features that you don’t intend to use at all. So, read through the chair’s features and omit those brands that have unnecessary add-ons so you can save on their price as well.


The features you need to look for include massage coverage, acupoint detection system, massage styles, heat and vibration, materials and designs, zero gravity, music, recliner, memory foam, cup holder and remote control. There might also be new features that are now out in the market which you might also want to be added to your massage chairs.


Lastly, always buy the chair that is within your allotted budget. It is good to long for a relaxing massage anytime you want to but not to the extent of overspending

Five Features of a Good Water Softener to Consider When Purchasing

Water contaminants from tap water can cause diseases. The best way to avoid this is through using a water softener. Protect your family’s health and buy your own water softener. Here is some good buying guide to help you choose the best device in the market. How much percentage of contaminants does it clear? One of the most important questions to answer when searching for a water softener is the percentage of contaminants that the device can remove.

A hundred percent clean water is possible yet it is far-fetched. It will take rigorous processes to eradicate every minuscule of microorganism and contaminants in the water. Thus, a good water softener is most likely to remove around 95 percent and above of water contaminants when in use. Water softener devices which only clears below 94 percent of contaminants is still a good one, however, the contaminants left on the water can still cause digestive problems. What is the size of the device’s tubing? A water softener’s tubing has a great effect on how much the device can eradicate the contaminants.

Larger tubing means more water can flow from the storage tank down to the filters. Hence, such device can clean a higher percentage of contaminants, which means is much safer to drink. If you want to have a larger stock of clean water in your home, choose a water softener with larger tubing rather than ones with leaner and smaller circumference. Does it increase the level of magnesium and calcium in your water? Magnesium and calcium are primary natural components of water. However, the level natural level of these substances on your water decreases with the presence of water contaminants. One advantage of using a water softener is also to improve the magnesium and calcium levels in your tap water. There are brands of these devices that increase calcium and magnesium into a normal percentage to make your drink healthier. You have to watch out for these brands of water softener and consider enlisting it on your choices. Does it have a warning system?

Once a water softener’s filters have collected too many contaminants it can damage the device or affect the next batch of water that will pass through in the filter. Now, to avoid your water from getting more contaminants, a warning system is installed to tell you if the UV filters require cleaning. The machine usually produces a beeping sound to warn you, thus, make sure to get one with an audible volume to prevent yourself from missing the warning. Does it affect the water’s taste? Plastics and other types of metals can affect the taste of water. These kinds of materials make your water taste metallic and it can contaminate the drink when stored. You have to avoid such types of metals when buying a water softener. Only choose that are made from stainless steel to prevent adding a metallic taste on the water. Moreover, you can find a water softener with an installed system that can make your water taste like an alkaline.